Thursday, December 15, 2011

ROBBLOG #352 W E E K E N D Edition

Dear Virginia Adams,

It’s me. Santa Claus…again.
Things are hopping here at the North Pole Workshop.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

I never get used to the hustle and bustle. Does that surprize you My Dear girl?
Sometimes, I just have to put my feet up in front of the television and sip away at a creamy hot chocolate made by my Dear wife- Amelia.
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Bless My whiskers!
You would know Amelia by her professional name- Mrs. Claus. Oh Virginia Adams, she is much more than Mrs Claus. These days she operates an Internet Business.
Buying and Selling she calls it.
I don’t ask too many questions but she seems to be at her office computer at various times throughout the day or evening. Sometimes early on a North Pole morning I hear her race from our bed mumbling something about Toe Key Oh’s open. I guess it’s for some secret door up here at the North Pole- that “key” I mean. As I said Virginia Adams, I don’t question Amelia’s Business dealings.
Oh no!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
She does quite well for herself. Why last year she bought a new BMW- Beamer she calls it. She had snows installed and that things goes like “saxophone spit”.

Now you may wonder Virginia how far one can get driving in the snow here at the North Pole.
My stars! The media sometimes blows our weather all out of the dickens.
You see we live on the “south” side of the North Pole, so our winters are quite “balmy”- like Windsor or maybe even Victoria on Vancouver Island. It’s easy to get around the highways and bi-ways here at the Pole.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Say, Virginia Adams, I see on the Weather Channel and when I listen to Heather and Rob on that Swisssh Radio Programme- The Morinng Show at Night, that you have no snow down there this year.
Goodness Gracious Grandma!

Virginia Adams, if you are speaking to any of the young folk, please tell them not to worry. Old Santa has special wheels on his sleigh and even the reindeer have had tiny little wheels attached to their hooves for just such a situation. As a matter of fact Virginia Adams, as this world of our warms up bit by bit some of my technical elves in the transportation sector of the North Pole Workshop- Building 252-C, have come up with some pretty amazing ideas to not only circumvent this globe of ours but also to figure a way to keep my sleigh safe- both aloft and on the ground. So tell the kiddies not to worry. We’ve got it covered.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Now Virginia, time grows short and I love these little talks we have together. I feel so close to you ever since you sent me that special letter a few years ago. My goodness when I read it aloud every Christmas, it just sounds as fresh as the first time these tired old Santa eyes opened your letter and read the contents.

I had better be on the run now.
I mean that literally Virginia Adams.
Your Old Santa runs a couple of “km” every day. Good Golly and a glass of Eggnog, it seems to be working because I feel as young as I did a hundred and fifty years ago!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
I bet you didn’t know that, did you my Dear Virginia?

So now, you take care Virginia Adams. Finish your Christmas Shopping and enjoy every minute of it. Give to a few good causes this season and give the ones around you that you love the most, a bigger, more special hug. It’ll hold you through every day of the new  year.
Good Gravy.
Take care and I’ll write one more time before my big flight.

Your friend,