Friday, December 9, 2011

ROBBLOG #349 W E E K E N D Edition

It's another Holiday Adventure for your Seasonal Enjoyment. Baby Jane and Blanche want to go sledding.The fun and "barbs" are about to fly.

It's 1:15 PM on Bleeker Street. Snow is softly falling and the tree inside Blanche and Jane's big front
window is twinkling merrily with 650 multi-colour lights. There's a newspaper stuffed in the mailbox next to the steps and a big red sled leans up against the front porch railing. Inside Blanche and her wheelchair are next to the window that faces the back yard. Finches and Blue Jays are flapping back and forth from the feeder to the big oak tree alongside the patio. Jane comes into the room...

Jane: Blanche, let’s grab our Sleds and go down that big hill over at Hickory Creek. All that powdery white stuff out there! ~puff, drag~ It'll be so Christmasssy. Just like a Christmas Card!

Blanche: Oh Jane Dear that sounds wonderful- and quite "holiday-like" as you say. OK. I'm in as long as you and Johnnie Strongman promise not to throw me in a cardboard box and shove me down the hill like last year!

Jane: Oh Hell's Christmas Bells, I almost freekin' forgot ~puff, puff~ Gee that was such fun!

Blanche: Now Jane, something serious might have happened to me and spoiled my Christmas!

Jane: ~puff, puff, drag~ Like what? You might have tinkled in your "Thursday" undies!

Blanche: No Jane Dear. How awful of you to think that. I mean I could have suffered an injury or something. I might have had to spend Christmas in the hospital.

Jane: Yes ~puff, puff~ I might have had to put you away for good!

Blanche: What?

Jane: Away Blanche. Put you away! Like I’d dig a hole in the back garden and throw you in a cardboard box and all ~drag, puff, drag~

Blanche: Oh Grrrrrrr. If only I wasn’t in this blasted chair. I’d…I’d..

Jane: You’d do what Blanche? Go dancing at the Savoy Hotel? ~puff, puff~ That’s rich. But you know what Blanche?

Blanche: What Jane Dear.

Jane: I’d love you just as much if you were perfect- just like I do now, with you all broken and stuff ~puff, puff~

Blanche: Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you too Jane Dear!