Thursday, December 22, 2011


Dearest Virginia Adams, 

Guess who?
That’s right. It’s me, your old friend Santa Claus up here at the North Pole- south side.I told you I would write one more time before Christmas Eve and Santa hates to disappoint his fans. 

Well, things are at full tilt today!
We have another million Smartphones to assemble and package.
Twenty thousand wagons to paint “candy-apple” red- at last count.
Two Million green sweaters have yet to be knitted.
Dozens of cookies have to be baked and chocolates placed gently in their respective packages. 

Do I get tired of all the last minute hub-bub?
Not on your life Virginia Adams!
Santa loves it!
I love it all.
I thrive on it because the end result is terrific. 

Oh, but I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the millions of helpers worldwide who run toy drives and replenish the food banks. It’s a sad tale to be sure but even Santa’s dollars stretch just so far. I try to be fair to everyone around the world but to be scathingly honest Virginia Adams, it is just such an overwhelming task that I am more grateful than you can imagine for the help and dedication of Santa’s Helpers. 

They do good work every year and most do it with very little or no thanks.
These “helpers” have such big hearts. Many have very busy lives themselves, yet they find the time to help out in any small way they can.
Ho! Ho! Ho!
My Stars, I am so proud of them. Each and every one. 

Say Virginia Adams, Mrs. Claus tells me she’s sending a special package to you this year. Let me see. It’s something about a new cookie that she’s testing for next year. She has given me explicit instructions as to where to keep the package on the sleigh and she has reminded me to leave it at your house on the table to the right

of the fireplace. I certainly hope that table is in the same place as last year- and the year before that. I don’t want to spend extra time looking for it. The schedule is very, very tight. 

The “head” Elf Roger has just come into my study. He wants me to inspect some wooden rocking horses the Elves in Workshop 173-B have just competed. I am sure the work will be top notch and although I know I don’t really have to check their work, the elves appreciate it when I stop by for a look see and a bit of a gabfest.

Ho! Ho! Ho! 

So My Dear, this is the last opportunity I have to write you .I certainly hope you are looking forward to the rest of the holiday season and may Peace, Love and Hope fill your heart forevermore. 

I know you’ll be sound asleep when I slide down your chimney Christmas Eve but in the odd chance that you’re still awake, I would be very pleased to see you and say hello in person. We could chat a bit while I work. I am looking forward to enjoying a delicious chocolate chip cookie that you leave for me each and every Christmas. 

So, take great care, Virginia Adams. 

Until we meet again,
Your friend- always,

Santa Claus