Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Dear Virginia Adams, 

It’s me- Santa Claus. 

Remember all those letters I wrote to you last year? I thought it was time to drop you a note. Hard to believe it’s December! I sincerely hope you have had a good year. Mrs. Claus and I have been well- except for my left knee acting up now and again. We even got a chance to take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands last June. It was very restful indeed. 

It’s a busy time here at the North Pole Canada- H0H 0H0, as you can imagine. The elves are working their collective, little butts off but they always do it with such cheery dispositions. They have been so loyal over the decades. I am one lucky Santa.
I hope your year has been a good one too. 

My, my, the stuff that goes on in this old world of ours. I have to sit and stroke my beard and wonder sometimes. If all the Love and Peace and understanding that most of the world experiences at this time of the year could only be stretched over the entire 12 months, wouldn’t it be a more wonderful world? 

There certainly has been some changes in some of the countries on the opposite side of the globe- hasn’t there? I hope that people in those nations get a fresh start. They deserve it so. 

Violence is still a staple in the day-to-day lives of so many humans on this planet Earth. If that simple little word “Love” and the larger word “understanding”  was practiced every day, our troubles would be small. However, many of us still make “Mountains out of Mole Hills”. Which reminds me, I must trot on down to Mr. Mole’s house next to the hollow log and have a Holiday Toddy. Oh Yes Virginia, Mr. Mole is a real person. A right kindly old gent who loves to read and enjoys company- especially at this time of yea. He invites many friends  to make themselves comfortable in front of his roaring fireplace in his comfortable little house. 

Bless my whiskers! As I got through my days and read the news and such, do you know what upsets me Miss Virginia Adams?  One thing that upsets me is that story about those two lady bus drivers in Kingston who had to remove all their Holiday decorations on the school buses they drive.
And why?
Well, they might upset one of the kiddies who are non-Christian.
Isn’t that a lot of balderdash?
I mean really. Where’s is the understanding- the love? 

Does it upset you and I when we see a someone who has their head wrapped in a turban or a lady fully-draped in a robe from head to toe as they cross our paths at a busy airport? Does that infringe on our rights- religious or otherwise?
Absolutely not!
It is ridiculous to even think of it. 

So let those two ladies spread a bit of cheer. The Holiday Season is for all of us not just Christians. The Season is non-denominational these days and I for one couldn’t be more pleased.  

Are you surprized that I say that Virginia? 

People need to relax. Put their feet up and smile, dream and laugh along with the season. Leave religious faith out of it Virginia. It causes more problems than it resolves. Santa’s beena round a long time and I know this to be true. It’s just that things have to work themselves out and sometimes that takes centuries. Humans have to look after themselves. Put themselves first with health and spiritual concerns. The answers are all out there if one just takes the time to listen and hear. 

Now, of course if that’s what you want to do and it comforts you- all the better. Grab hold of your beliefs and ride that locomotive on the rails to redemption but leave others to have a good life- and a Godless one if that be the case. 

Ho Ho Ho.
I bet you didn’t think Old Santa could be so political or have views like that- eh? Well I live in this old world too Virginia. I know the world doesn’t revolve around me. It takes all of us to make the Human Race. Just sometimes we start to muck it all up! 

Oh, goodness gracious me. Ted my head Elf this year has just come into my office here
at The Pole. He tells me they need me in wooden toys and computer parts, so I had better close the old laptop for now. I’ll write a few more lines to you- Virginia Adams, very soon. 

Your friend,

Santa Claus.