Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Coming home from an evening out, I said to Tom- who was driving because I had consumed two drinks-
“I have to write my Blog when I get home.”
I guess it sounded like I was whining a bit. It was almost 11PM.
“No, you don’t.”- he chimed, turning south onto Peter Street North from North Street East.
“Yes. I do.”- I tell him. “I owe it to myself. I set the bar and I told myself I would blog every day of the week- only once for the weekend- and I am sticking to that discipline.”
He didn’t answer as we pulled into the drive. His mind was firmly plantedon recycle and garbage duties for it was “All Garbage Eve”.
Honestly, until right now sitting at the computer I had no idea what I was going to Blog about tonight.

I must say I do like writing whether it’s here on my RobBlog or on the Swisssh Website.
I believe that most of the time, hardly anyone reads my blog. I don’t have any way of knowing exact numbers since the Blogger site doesn’t provide them to me and since I keep the “comments section” turned off. I just, I have the feeling that hardly anyone ever does read my RobBlog.

A few months ago I stopped writing on the Packet Online Edition- for the most part. One day, I read some absolutely stupid comments from online readers- many of which I didn’t understand. I’d rather not know what people think and live blissfully unaware for ever more.
What a fairytale!
Takes one to know one!

So, I write.
You read.
You are blissfully quiet.
That’s it.

To be truthful, I do hear from people who read the occasional blog. It’s either face-to-face or to my own e-mail. Usually their e-mails and comments are positive. They get a laugh from what I write- so I am told.
Hey. I can believe that if I want to and live with the adoration.

Most people usually ask me how I come up with all the “stuff” I write.
It’s a gift.
I have always wanted to write and I started doing that a few years ago. Blogs, reviews, stories, character, skits, plays and monologues.
Some good.
Some funny.
Some bad.
Sometimes you don’t know stuff is bad until you hear it or see it performed. Then you want to hide under a bushel or move to Russia.

I believe everyone can write. The more you write, the easier it becomes. I make notes. Some are mental because I am mental.
I’ve been told that.
Problem with mental notes- I forget them five minutes after I’ve thought of them.
What was I writing about…..

Oh yes. Most notes are scribbled on little pieces of paper strewn about the office. A day or so later, I can’t even make out the words that I have scribbles on the back of an old Bell bill or a 407 statement. You develop your own style much like an artist with a paintbrush in hand. Some strokes are bold, others light and fanciful.

There now. Look up.
Look way up!
A whole word doc page and a third more. That will be enough to load onto my Rob Blog.
I’m smiling. I have done a grammar check and word check.
Looks good.
It’s another Blog written.
Discipline received.
It feels good.