Thursday, June 17, 2010

ROBLOG W E E K E N D Edition #88

It's been on my mind for a couple of months- if not more.
Will I continue with Swisssh Radio?
A week ago, I made the decision to continue with Swisssh the Website in it's current abbreviated form. The Website takes up a bit of time but I manage it better today. I try to keep it vibrant and fresh, although I have had cut out a lot of information, pictures and pages!
I do less not more.
So sue me!

With writing my Daily Blog and the process of putting my scribblings into book form, I needed more free time. The RobBlog has a bit of everything. You can find it at:

So the decision.

With Listenership holding its own (about 3000 hours tuned each month) and weekends garnering a bigger audience, I have decided to keep Swisssh Radio on the air.
Now hold on there cowboy, let me finish!
I will keep Swisssh Radio on-air until the end of the summer!
I don't know why I have made that decision. It would have been easier to pull the plug now. However, I have high regard for those listeners who tune in faithfully every day and for the local stores and businesses- like Tiffin's and Sanderson, who support what I do.
I've also had a few dreams these past nights.
A couple about radio. Those dreams have helped me consider the future.

I have also had dreams about doing theatre again. That's another Blog, although, I must admit that watching the Tony Awards last week got the blood flowing again too. Nothing definite but it's good to dream.

I listen to my dreams. After all, that's where the original name "Swisssh"- yes with 3 S's, came from- a dream. It's the sound that crushed ice makes in a martini glass when you "swisssh" it around.
No. It's nothing Gay!
I couldn't spell it "" or "". Just go to those websites and you'll see they exist!
As I have said before, I am repeatedly told- "Internet Radio is going to take off in the next year!"
I've been hearing that for three years now.
One of the problems is the simple fact that Internet Radios are not readily available for the average radio listener to buy. Those on the market at shops like The Source and Future Shop are pricey. Internet Radio is "free" unlike Satellite feeds and there are thousands of stations to listen to. No, until Internet Radios become as common place as weeds in our lawn, Net Radio will not grow.

I did get a couple of e-mails. Thanks for that. One person was completely honest telling me they listen while they read the website but other than that they cling to CBC Radio2. That's classical. I can't ask for more. A few minutes a week is much better than "no" minutes a week. Net Radio is still a hard sell. There needs to be a national identity- an association of Net Radio Broadcasters. Do I want to start such an association?

In the meantime give a listen to Swisssh Radio. It's easy from this home page. Just click on a player of your choice up top- or the embedded player as you read the page. Just remember the "embedded" player stops streaming when you leave the page. Easier to listen to one of the other two players and just keep Swisssh Radio playing in your taskbar if you surf the net.
Of course, you could buy an Internet Radio and listen when and where you want through your WiFi.

Finally, there's a new Swisssh Radio Blogsite too. Still in it's infancy but it's at

A new Swisssh Radio Blogsite?
Now, that spells hope for the future- doesn't it?
You be the judge.
I know you will be.