Sunday, June 13, 2010


So, how was your weekend?
What did you do?
Did the rain spoil any outdoor events for you?
Sunday was warm and sunny. Quite unexpected.

Apparently the Spring Blues went on as scheduled. We heard it from several blocks away at our house.
Blues in the night- Friday Night.
An all day “bluesy” Saturday.
Saturday Night Blues
Sunday- blue on blue.

Then Sunday just after 5 o’clock we took a walk through Couchiching Park and they were ripping it all down. Besides the Spring Blues, the Water, Boat and Home and Cottage Show- whatever it’s called, was on too. From the tail end of what we saw it was a combination of-
The same two Barrie Radio Stations.
Flea Market junk like sunglasses priced at two for one, hats and tee shirts.
The same guy who sells magnetic bracelets every year was there. We bought these bracelets a couple of years ago until we were told that they contained “lead” and to “take them off right away.”
Great, we’ve been pumping “lead” into our bodies for a year and a half. That is until we bought new expensive copper and magnetic bracelets last fall.
Now, I know why the hair is growing twice as fast in my ears and nose these days.
All that lead. Who knew?
Question: Why is it when these events are on at the park the assholes come out in droves?
Answer: Because they need to show all the regular folk that they “are” assholes.

Honestly, from this point in June until at least October- after Thanksgiving, it’s useless to try to have a walk in the park, a bike ride, a rollerblade or anything else because all the assholes- mostly kids, ruin it for everyone else. They cling to the beach and grass areas like leaches on a weeping wound. They swear, spit, yell, curse and either walk across your path or rollerblade up your ass.

I love summer in Orillia.
Now you could always choose to take a nice walk downtown and browse past store windows- the one’s that actually have stores in them. Downtown is an opportunity to stroll by shoppers spitting on the sidewalk in front of you or someone blowing cigarette smoke in your face. You might be serenaded by a guitar picker or two while watching young girls cross the street with their cotton shorts wrenched up their tiny butts. A pair of heeled sandals complete their ensemble. Some have the added accessory of a baby stroller and a 15 year old “yo yo” walking next to them with the top of his undershorts hanging just below the crack of his ass and the crotch of his jeans bunched up between his knees.

Then, prepare to meet the folks who congregate around the downtown benches both smoking and spitting and standing in your way when you’re trying to pass. Sometimes they even stand still- right outside a store, so when you exit you can take a deep breath and suck in all that second hand smoke!

Hey, aren’t we all glad that the “water pipe” business is back on the main section of Mississaga Street. If you want to blow water ~wink, wink. nudge, nudge~ through a glass pipe this is the store for you. Now if only that Pot Shoppe on Andrew Street- just south of Colborne Street West, could find an appropriate storefront downtown we’d be packing in the tourists.

So how was your weekend?