Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Did I go on and on about that perfect little hideaway Tom and I found in Hawaii back in March?
It was called “The Cabana at Waikiki”. It was such a find!
A little walk-up at just three floors.
A block and a bit to the beach.
Nicely appointed with full kitchen, living area, bedroom, bath and Lanai- that’s a balcony for those of you who have never been to Hawaii.
It was the right price too.

We were looking forward to going back again. Then, a couple of weeks back we get an e-mail from Miho- the Manager, saying the 15 suites were all up for sale as condominiums.
Not our little, new-found paradise in paradise?
Yes. The Cabana’s 15 perfect little suites would be sold starting at 199,000.
If we wanted to experience the Cabana one last time, the e-mail advised us we had to do so by September 6th.
Fat chance.
Especially when it’s summer here.
Waikiki from atop Diamond Head

I have been meaning to e-mail Miho to ask if she thought the new owners would allow their suites to be rented back to visitors. It’s one way for the current owner of the Cabana to make a bundle of cash selling all 15 suites and the new individual suite owners to have the option to rent their properties to visitors familiar with the property.
As an example, for years we stayed at the Waikiki Banyan. Originally it was a Wardair Hotel- until Wardair folded. We used to get condo suites for 50 bucks a night. Much larger than The Cabana suites- which by the way is only a block away from the Banyan, but still a “home away from home”. The suites- privately owned, were managed by Wardair Hotels Canada.
Would we buy a suite at the Cabana?
If we were a little rich- yes. Maybe our million will come through on Saturday- maybe 50 million. I’d be on a plane to Hawaii the next day.

I will also do a google search for other “like” properties in Honolulu. That’s how I found The Cabana. I recognized the building from walking past over the years but had always thought it was a condo. Maybe there’s another nice little side street off the Ali Wai Canal with another hidden treasure. Even a bit further away from Waikiki would be fine but it would still have to be within a comfortable walk.
It’s nothing that I have to be concerned about right away but maybe on some rainy day I’ll start searching.

Oh, keep an eye to the sky. If the rest of the week is anything like yesterday there’ll be plenty of helicopters and fighter jets flying over Orillia keeping our true north strong and free.
Maybe not free exactly, since the security cost for Huntsville’s G8 and Toronto’s G20 is somewhere in the neighourhood of one billion dollars!
That is quite a neighbourhood! Sure couldn’t afford to vacation there!
Time for Mr. Harper to get voted out of the "tourist business".

One more item. Only the provincial and federal conservatives were missing from Toronto Pride's 30th Anniversary booklet. Business, tourism, other political parties were all there. Just not the Harperites and the head of the Tories in Ontario. Who is that anyway? The name escapes me. Oh well. Who really cares.
When are the Conservatives going to get with the tour. Apparently after 30 years the Gay Community is still a lively part of the Toronto Scene.

Have a Happy Day!