Monday, June 28, 2010

RobBlog #94

There are a few things I want to cover in my blog today.

After all the protests over the weekend- see yesterday’s blog for thoughts on the violence, I have a few images lingering in my mind. What I saw had moved me.
Scared me a little too- apparently.

Monday afternoon as I rode my bike along the Lightfoot Trail, I approached the intersection of Forest Avenue East and Atherley Road. As I came to the corner and turned right, towards the continuation of the trail, I saw an OPP Cruiser- with two policemen inside, sitting at the entrance to the trail just opposite the street that leads south to the Leacock Museum.

I actually panicked for a few seconds. Images of what I had watched on television over the weekend flooded into my mind. Would these police officers suddenly fling open the doors of their cruiser and rush me, beating my body with their night sticks and dragging me off to some detention centre –handcuffed, hungry and thirsty?

It took a few seconds to return to reality but I didn’t dare look at the officers inside the car as I passed the cruiser. I had made sure I signalled my intent as well.
So, this is how a police state would feel.
Those television pictures really did a number on me. I am trying hard to remember that-
“Police are Friends”- unless they are beating you with a stick and throwing you in a cage with no water and only a cheese and butter sandwich every 4 hours.

On a brighter note, “Betty and Phil” have landed in Canada- Halifax to be specific, on a Canadian Forces Aircraft. The weather was downright wet. Her Majesty was unruffled.
“Hmmm, weather looks just like home Philip!”.
That’s what I would guess she was thinking.

What I would like her to be thinking is a different story.
“Shite Philip! It’s bloody raining and this is the first time I have worn these pumps. Damn. Damn. Bloody Hell!”

Betty carried a “see-through” plastic umbrella- so as not to cover the Royal Face, and clutched a bouquet of summer flowers. Phil followed his wife down the air stairs in a beige London Fog trench coat- I’m guessing here, clutching a black umbrella.
They were beaming.
In a speech, delivered a few minutes later with our- ugh, Prime Minister in attendance- guess he didn’t get arrested and thrown in a detention centre to be fed cheese sandwiches on Wonder Bread, Betty had these words to say:

“My mother once said that this country felt like home, away from home, for the Queen of Canada. Prime Minister, I am delighted to report that it still does and I am delighted to be back amongst you all. Canadians have by their own endeavours built a country and a society which is widely admired across the world. I am fortunate to have been a witness to many of the developments and accomplishments of modern Canada. As Queen of Canada for nearly six decades, my pride in this country remains undimmed. ... It is very good to be home.”
I cried.
We give you a rainy day, you give us a heart-wrenching “hello again- it’s me, speech.”
Your Majesty you are one classy lady- even though I have always questioned your hand bags.
Finally, another one bites the dust- or at least the ice!
Iceland, the country up there to the right of Newfoundland, has made Same-Sex Marriage the law of the land. The first to tie the knot was the Prime Minister and her partner. I would mention their names here but I don’t have all the letters on my keyboard.
So how many countries does that make now recognizing Gay Marriage- a dozen?
Those still lagging behind include America and Britain. America has sporadic Gay Marriage- like in Vermont.
Although the UK has Same-Sex Unions, it’s still not a marriage, like that between a man and a woman. No equality there. I still wonder why Elton John and David Furnish don’t re-tie the knot here in Canada.

So there you have a bit of this and a bit of that all in one compact Blog.
Oh yes, this just in. There was another demonstration in T.O. Monday night. 1500 plus “peaceful” marchers all calling for a better explanation of the violence and arrests by Police Services- especially after detaining all those citizens in the rain for 5 or 6 hours Sunday evening. If I could have been in Toronto to march with them- I would have. I didn’t hear about the peaceful protest until 6 o’clock.
I walked in spirit.
Have a good day.