Monday, June 14, 2010


This RobBlog is just shameless self-promotion or cross-promotion at best.
I do shameless self-promotion quite well.
I'm a Leo after all.

So, consider this a request. I encourage you to read the website and listen to
Swisssh Radio.
Listening to Swisssh Radio is easy enough. Just click on the logo   the right as you read this Blog.
Go ahead.
Click now.
I'll wait for you.


When you read the Swisssh Website-which you'll have to do after you read this Blog, take a moment and send me an e-mail at
Let me know your thoughts about the site.
Do you read it a few times a week? Every couple of weeks?
Maybe once a month- or not at all.

A week ago, I made the decision to continue with Swisssh the Website in some form. That is
dependant in part as to whether I continue with Swisssh Radio. I have been musing about this for more than a month and I really have to come to some conclusion by mid-July.
In a way I would like to pack it all in. It takes up a bit of time- as I have told you before, to keep the website fresh and keep Swisssh Radio up-to-date.
I must admit, I give a bit less than I used to.
If I gave up both the Website and Radio Station, I would still have this blog site to "fiddle" with.

Honestly, I don't know what to do about Swisssh Radio. Listenership is holding it's own but there's not a lot of growth. Weekends seem to be garnering a bigger audience though. I don't know why.
Still, when you tally it all up- it could be massively better.

After being on-air for more than 3 years, I had hoped for more. I keep hearing- "Internet Radio is going to take off in the next year!"
I've been hearing that for three years now.
One of the problems is the simple fact that Internet Radios are not readily available for the average radio listener to buy. Those on the market at shops like The Source and Future Shop are pricey.
The last Net Radio I purchased a month ago was 200 dollars from Grace in Peterborough at
Not a cheap buy for someone who shops at Zellers or Wal*Mart where one can't even buy a Net Radio.
Until Internet Radios become as common place as Ipods and MP3 Players, Net Radio will not grow.

Even someone with the knowledge that an Internet Radio station can be heard through a Blackberry
Phone or IPhone is few and far between.

So I muse about the future. Swisssh Radio may get another reprieve but how long- I don't know. Will Swisssh Radio be around this time next year?
Again, I really don't know.

I was thinking about sending out a survey but opted instead to just ask listeners and readers to send me an e-mail at and tell me straight.
Your remarks can't be any more brutal than those I received a few weeks back from a radio friend who
thought he was doing me a favour saying the sound of Swisssh Radio pretty much sucked the big one. I have since had someone go over the sound with a "fine toothed ear" and that is simply not the case- but you be judge as well as the jury. This is the same fells that hints to me about doing a daily mid-morning radio show on Swisssh- even though he says the sound stinks like "a pair of cats in heat."

In the meantime give a listen to Swisssh Radio. It's easy from the home page at
Just click on a player of your choice- or the embedded player as you read the page. Just remember the "embedded" player stops streaming when you leave the page. Easier to listen to one of the other two players and just keep Swisssh Radio playing in your taskbar if you surf the net.
Of course you could buy an Internet Radio and listen when and where you want through your WiFi.

In the meantime, I'm still mulling and musing and thinking.
No pressure.