Saturday, March 3, 2012


If you were to look at the date when I last posted a blog on this site you can see it was a week ago,

I have been away the past week.
No, not in a manager or up, up and away, I have been on Vacation.

Now, I hear you saying- "Rob, were you not or were you not, just on holiday in Los Angeles in January?"

"Why yes."- I would reply."I was indeed on a short holiday to LAH in January. And your point is?"

"Well Rob, don't you think someone else could have a turn?"- you reply sharply.

"No!" I would crassly reply- "Let them eat cake!"

And so they did! Now that should give you a tiny hint as to where I was this past week. I'll give you a tiny hint. This is the third time I have been to this spot in less than a year?

"Brechin?"- you say.

"Nope! Paris!" I scream with glee!

"You have been to Paris again?!"- you reply incredulously.

"Mais Qui!"- I snap my fingers twice and swirl one end of my fashionable neck scarf over my left shoulder.

Enough of that nonsense.
Yes, I was in Paris again.
Yes it was for a week.
Yes it is the third time in less than a year...and
Yes Paris loves me and I love Paris.

What's not to love.
My nose a few centimetres away from Vincent Van Gogh's infamous bush strokes.
Marvelling at Rodin's statues of muscular, naked men.
Treading the same streets as Toulouse,, Monet, Van Gogh and the Phantom.
That Phantom of that Opera.
Seeing the dark, dank little cell Marie Antoinette called home for three months during the Revolution- before they sliced off her pretty, little head along with about 3,000 other Parisiennes.

Yes, I saw all of that and more on yet another trip to Gay Paris.
I also saw Gay Paris-in  the Marais District as it is called in Paris, right next to Jewish deli's and synagogues.
Go figure.

You will excuse me if I finish here this time around.
You see I am a bit jet-laggy and I need to rest but rest assured my Dear Readers, I will tell you more of my spirited French adventure on this same Blog, so stay tuned!