Monday, March 26, 2012


“Canadians will soon be able to judge who will be the most effective voice for the roughly 60 per cent of voters who do not embrace the Conservative agenda.”

This the result of Thomas Mulcair wining the NDP leadership. Mulcair will get to work right away, squaring off against the Harperites and their “King” in Parliament this week. I don’t know how I missed it but apparently Mr. Mulcair was a Liberal up until five short years ago when he broke ranks and moved to the NDP. That must have been during the period prior to Mr. Ignatief and Mr. Rae-
who did the opposite of Mr. Mulcair and left the NDP to join the Liberals.

Now, it’s the perfect opportunity to stop wasting time and get this Country of of out of the hands of the Conservatives before there is little left of the Canada we know and love.

Case in point- Peter MacKay and his helicopter rides and his new jets.
Then there's that “bitch”- and I mean that with a smile on my face and Christian Love in my heart, Lisa Rait who’s main course of  action is to break down unions in this country.
A Conservative ploy. 
One that will change this country for a long time if it's not stopped. Even the courts have to follow the letter of the law and order wildcat strikers from Air Canada back to work.
When one's rights are removed, one has to do the right thing and that is exactly what the workers at Air Canada tried to do this past week. They succeeded in a small way. Yes, some air travellers were pissed off and that is too bad if family events were missed but maybe Air Canada will take a closer
look at the inconsistencies in their operation.
The unfairness.
The ugly mood of employees.
If the company fails, blame it on the upper management- not on the front line workers.
Enough of that.

On to the 60% of Canadians who didn't vote for the Conservative Majority.
Have you forgotten that?
60% of us from coast to coast didn't vote for the Cons- the former Reform Alliance folks.
Mr. Mulcair needs to work fast to impress and bring more Liberals over to the NDP. In fact Mr. Mulcair needs to invite Bob Rae for tea. They've both been Liberals and they have both been NDPers, so how hard can it be for them to bring those parties together as the New Liberal Democats?
Kick out the Harper Klan and give us back our land and values- Liberal and Free not Conservative, right wing and cold.

A few years down the road if the merger doesn't feel right for some Liberals, they can seperate. I'm sure it's not the first time parties have changed and split and become something else or their former selves. I already mentioned the Tories were once Reformers and Alliance-based. They didn't have a problem eventually wrapping themselves in the "Conservative Flag and Tory Blue" did they?
I don't know much about Mr. Mulcair but I am reading and learning and look forward to meeting him- maybe at Toronto Pride Celebrations in July.

There are over two years to move things along but why waste time?
Do it now. Maybe there'll be a reason soon to dispose of the Harperites before their legislated time on this earth is through.

Maybe someone will discover absolute proof that God doesn't exist. Like we need proof to disprove a 200 year old fairy tale.
That would take the wind out of any "right-winger's" sail.
Maybe we can even remove that "God" reference from our National Anthem.
"God Keep our Land..."
Who's God?
The God who says it's fine to beat up one's "woman" just a bit but not to excess?

The Cons will slip up.
They'll do something terrible.
They'll say something nasty.
They will make a mistake and then the New Liberal Democrats will be there to say to the Canadian people-
"We're here. We'll save our Country. Don't worry fellow Canadians!"

I don't think this is a dream.
I think this is something that will come together sooner than we all think.
If not, we had better start praying to somebody- or something.

Come on Mr. Mulcair.
It's all up to you now.
Listen to Jack Layton's voice.
He's probably whispering into your ear this very moment.