Monday, March 12, 2012


Last May there was a huge billboard at the Jake Gaudaur Bridge on the Atherley side.
It said- Judgement Day was coming May 21. 

It didn’t happen.
The Reverend responsible re-jigged the date for October.
Ummm. Sorry. Didn’t happen then either. 

Anyway, at that time I suggested in a blog to prepare for the end of days. With the “real” end of the world coming up in December of this year, I thought I would update my list before time runs out in December- for real this time! 

So, points from my Bucket List from last May is listed first. The update is in italics. 

- Open the cottage for the season- albeit a short one, a week early. 
Still don’t have a cottage but I am certainly looking to have a little oceanfront place in Honolulu although the December date is a little unrealistic! ~sigh~

- Sell those tickets to the Lion King to some unsuspecting heathen. 
Loved the Lion King. Now I’m worried about my War Horse tickets? 

- Make a new will that doesn’t include a bunch of greedy, no-good relatives. They’ll never get your stuff anyway. 

- Mail your Christmas Cards- early! I’m just mailing all the cards I got last Christmas back- just not to the same people who sent them and I’m doing the mailout in September. 

- If you’ve never robbed a bank, you might try it early one May morning before the end!
    What’s the worst that could happen- a few hours or minutes in prison? 
Still haven’t robbed from anything- except maybe from the fountain of youth! 

- Have Sex with your best friend. It’s not like it’s a long-term thing or anything. 
Haven’t followed through because I just don’t have a Best Friend. 

- Wondering where to go for that winter Holiday next year. Do you really care?
You should, because there may not be a lot of “earth” left! 

- Spend your life savings on something frivolous- like a slot machine at the Casino.
Done. All my savings are gone rather than invested! 

So, that’s how I made out with my Bucket list from last May in advance of the end of the world. Now that Reverend tells us this week he has no ^&^%$* idea as to when the world will end and quite frankly he’s *&^%*&^ tired of thinking about it.

So there.
Look, just-
Live your life.
Laugh a lot.
And Love because the end of your world may be sooner than any of us think!