Thursday, March 8, 2012



I promised a RobBlog. I just got a little side-tracked with Swisssh Radio’s 5th Birthday
Celebrations. You can see pictures of that on the Swisssh Radio Facebook Page. The link is on 

So, a few notes on Paris. 

Nobody. Naddah. Not one person was seen wearing the Canadian Ball cap. Although
I did see them in an assortment of colours in Souvenir shops, with “Paris” splashed
across the brow.  

If someone was wearing a dapper chapeau, it was always removed at a café table. 

The Tour Eiffel

It seemed like spring. 15 degrees and sunny days and some cloudy days- perfect for
walking about the City. 

Paris Men are tres, tres bon except the style is to wear shoes that come to a  
ridiculously sharp point. Therefore, one would believe that all Parisian men have
large feet…..oh, never mind! 

The cafes are all cozy and welcoming. The servers are for the most part male and  
most wear black slacks that cling lovingly to well-formed buttocks.
Is that information you require? Well you have it anyway. The black slacks are usually 
topped with crisp, white shirts and black ties. 

There is nothing like sitting on the banks of the River Seine, enjoying an ice cream
cone in the late afternoon sun before touring Ile de Saint Louis. 

It is depressing visiting La Conciergerie- next to the Palais de Justice. The
Conciergerie is where those- who would eventually feel the cold steel of the Guillotine  
on their neck, were held until trial and ultimate death. A few escaped the courts  
verdict. However, Marie Antoinette did not and the cell where she was kept for the  
two months prior to her death is meagre. I’d say skip this tour and enjoy a happier,
brighter Paris outside. 

The Marais area of the city is wonderful. Ethnic- as well as Gay. The Gay “village”
and the Jewish section of Paris share the Marais district. Attractive and quaint
shops, restaurants and boutique hotels. 

Montmatre Steps

Café de Flore in Saint Germaine de Pres. A café that once hosted the likes of Ernest
 Hemmingway. The locals gather here- and Rob & Tom too! 

The Parisians- no matter what you hear or read are charming- at least to we
Canadians. They are all smiles and very helpful. Just say Bonjour or Bon Soir and
always add “s’il vous plait.” In all 3 trips to Paris only one man
was close to being rude. An artist at Montmatre- who was sitting next to his work
basically, gave the “French Finger of Fate” when asked a simple question-
“Is that you in the painting?” Another artist was heard to shhhhish several tourists from
Manchester who were chattering loudly next to his stall as he tried to read his
“journal”. More irritated by the accent than by the chatting I would guess. 

So there you have it. Notes from Paris.
Now make a mental note for yourself, that one day you will travel to Paris.

 You won’t be disappointed.