Sunday, March 11, 2012


Winter has just been an inconvenience this year. 

Like the Gay Priest shunned by the Anglican Church and then re-instated 20 years later all because of another priest- who was little more than a buffoon at the time, although a buffoon who’s since seen the light. Just an inconvenience? 

Freekin’ churches and God and all the other crap that goes along with it- including hurting the “lambs” of God the religious bound claim to protect and love. That destructive church dogma and doctrine and the religious claws that sink deep into their “followers” that ultimately only affect and destroy family, friends and relationships. Church and Christianity seeks to separate and for that at least it does a good job. 

God Damn God! 

You know what I mean? When are people going to wake up? I mean they are stoning kids in the east because they want to dress like the west. That’s religion? That’s a God who made man- supposedly, so he could watch man kill one another.

Wake up people.
There is no God.
There is a cult and if you feel something in your heart- some attachment to an almighty figure. Some love. Some closeness, it’s because you can’t find anything else worthy to latch on to in your day-to-day life. 

Set yourself free. Be good to one another. Do good deeds. Stop stoning your friends and family. Stop baking pies for church suppers. 

You believe going to church on Sunday makes you better?

I can tell you a story right now of a Church Lady who clings to her Christian ways yet can’t see the light past the end of her nose. Sure she can bake pies, make dinner, smile and hug her family like the best of them but she’s as hollow as an old log lying beside a river. 

Bible study twice a week- even Bible Study for men only. I have seen that sign at a local
Prayer Palace. Why is it men only?
Do they drink beer and look at pictures of “boobies” while they study the book of Ruth? It’s called fellowship but there’s a price. You have to pay big bucks to be a church member or you’re not really in with the “in crowd”.

No really.

I don’t even think you can dream of your place in heaven unless you put up the bucks first. I thought Christ shooed all the moneylenders and such from his tabernacle. 

Of course, we all know that only men are the true Christians. Women are somewhere below that. Now take Atheism for instance. Everyone is equal. Doesn’t matter. Nobody prays to some all-encompassing creature who demands one falls to their knees in worship. There’s no Satan- although anti- atheists would have you believe that there is a dark lord. For goodness sake, even the Jews don’t believe in Hell. The JW’s apparently don’t either. The Mormons. My Gawd their too busy baptizing dead folks into their church- regardless of their religious orientation,  to think about anything else. No surprize there from a “church” that doesn’t believe in homosexuality. 

So, our winter has just inconvenienced us for a few weeks.
The sun will shine longer now.
We’ll see more light.  

Eventually, when churches and religions of all types slink away, the earth will start to change. We’ll love one another with a great resolve.
We’ll take care of neighbours and friends and family- without judgement.
There’ll be no separation.
We’ll live without fear and champion only love and compassion.

That day is within site when Angels will just be supernatural, beautiful “things” not chained to the bedpost of a Christian four-poster. 

Hey look- there’s a robin.
Got to love spring!