Friday, March 16, 2012


“This is the last of the notables for today, Ma’am”- Michael placed the stack of linen papers on the desk and twirled on his heels before flitting towards the doorway. 

“Michael?”- the voice was strong- yet kind. 

Michael stopped short and twirled to face her- “Yes, Madam?” 

“Do you think it’s time?”- she looked at him over half glasses. 

“Time? For what?” He paused for a moment. “Oh Madam you don’t mean…?” 

“You’ve been here a long time and I value your judgement. Do you think I should return once again? Everyone thinks that I am dark and judgemental and all that. Maybe I need to appear differently this time.” She took off the glasses and set them on the desk in front of her, then folded her hands together like a grade three student. 

“Look. Ma’am. You are omnipresent. I get that but last time was an experiment gone wrong. It was early days for them down there. Perhaps you should have waited a while longer. On the other hand, look at Sicon. Everything is fine there. They got the message. They understood. It’s not big business there just ummmmm- just a fact of life.” Michael wasn’t sure if he had said it quite succinctly. 

“Point taken Michael. I just feel all alone sometimes. I feel like I made this big mistake and I don’t know how I can take it back.” 

Michael approached her desk- “May I?” He motioned to sit. 

“Of course. Please.” She poured herself a glass of artic water from the pitcher to her right. 

“What’s started all this again, Madam?” Michael’s voice was soft and caring. 

“Oh, I don’t know exactly.” She sighed. “I suppose it’s going through all these notables.

Some days I wonder why I bother. Nothing changes down there. They just keep digging themselves in deeper. They are mean to one another and I fear that the only message I had has been lost.” 

Michael’s wings vibrated ever so slightly- “…and that is?” 

“She thought for a moment and then looked at him with the warmest and sweetest of smiles- “Love!”. 

“Ah yes. Of course. Love.” Michael smiled too. His wings softly fluttered. 

“She saw it. “Michael, you don’t have to wear those things around the office you know.
There are so few of you that do these days but I must admit, they do look beautiful. It was a good thing I did there.” 

“I agree Madam. I appreciate my wings. I choose whether to show them- or not. They make me who I am.” 

“And just who is that Michael?”- she seemed to look straight through him for the answer. 

“Just a man. An immortal man who is fulfilled. Lucky. Enjoys what he does in your service.” Michael crossed his legs and folded his hands atop his right knee. 

“You have always been my favourite. Do you know that? It’s been an eternity that we’ve know each other- to be sure, however, I need you to know that. I value what you say and you in all likelihood have your finger on the pulse of this universe as much as I do.”
She stood and gazed out the window behind her desk. 

“But...” Michael could not move his eyes from her. She was stimulating. Lovely. Perfect. An image. “The” image.  Yes, she was troubled and he didn’t quite know how to help. 

“But…” She paused as she watched the city below. “But I need to do something more. Look at these notables.” She turned from the window and placed her tender right hand on top of the stack. “Everyday someone isn’t happy. Someone wants more. Someone makes a wish. Someone commits an unspeakable act. It just gets to me some days. It pains my heart and I don’t know what to do.” 

“Well, that’s a tall order Madam and I am not sure that I am worthy to even attempt an answer- a solution if you will.” Michael wanted to say more. He just wasn’t sure if this was the time. 

She turned again towards the window catching every little movement below from above. 

“I will say this Madam, I believe you have done what you can and what you offered and offer is good. You didn’t- pardon my language, “Muck it up”- they did! You gave them the tools and the love and they twisted and contorted it until little of you and the message was left. You sent them an idea in the form of something tangible that they could see and hear and they didn’t evolve. Quite frankly, if you were to ask me- and you are, I’d leave it for them to sort out. You have other concerns. Either they see the light or they snuff out their own existence. I believe it is out of your hands. It’s out of your control forever. Amen.” 

She stood there silently for a minute. Then, she turned to look at Michael who was admiring his outstretched fingers all the while thinking he needed a manicure. She could see he was starting to fidget in his chair. She could see that easily. She had lost his attention too- for now. It was all too much to understand, although Michael tried. He really tried. 

Smiling softly, she spoke to him again- “You’re right, of course, Michael. I gave them the nudge and they sub-divided it and made it seem like Hell. They are their own worst enemies. I showed them the trees and flowers, water and mountains. They constructed town and beautiful cities with greater things to see and beautiful sounds to hear. I offered them the capacity to love- the greatest gift of all, yet they stumble. Not all of them but some days it seems like none of them get the message.” 

Michael looked up from his fingers. “Yes, well you have a lot on your shoulders Madam.
Look, give me that stack of notables there…” He pointed to the linen sheets on her desktop. “I’ll have them sorted and actioned before you can say there’s the Eiffel Tower!” 

“Now that’s a pretty picture. You have a deal!”

Michael reached for the stack of notables. “Now, you have less to do, so put your mind on someplace and some” thing” else.  Mend a black hole or something. I’ll be right out there...” He pointed to his outer office. “…if you need me. How about a guava juice?” 

“Yes. Lovely… Michael?” 

He turned- “Yes Ma’am?” 

“Thank you. Just thank you- that’s all.” She smiled again and Michael could feel the power and the glory. His wings swisshed slightly and softly. 

“Anytime.” He smiled at her and nodded slightly. 

Michael sashayed to the door and closed it gently behind him as he stepped out and away from her presence.