Thursday, July 1, 2010

ROBBLOG #96 Canada Day W E E K E N D

Happy C A N A D A Day(s)

The actual Canada Day Holiday- July 1st, is now history.
Wow! 143 years old!
I wonder if our Fathers of Confederation thought about what Canada would be like 143 years later from that day in Charlottetown on July 1, 1867.
I am sure they had no idea about automobiles, planes, space travel, the G8 or the internet.
Amazing stuff in a short 143 years.

We watched the parade in Downtown Orillia and waltzed through Couchiching Beach Park, grabbing a Sausage and Orange Crush along the way. At every step someone stopped- or we stopped someone- and talked to us. The park was chock-a-block and in all the Canada Day Celebrations I have attended in Orillia, there was more “wearing of the red” than I ever remember seeing before. It was a tremendous show of Patriotism by all Orillians and visitors alike.

Although we didn’t see the fireworks that capped off a tremendous celebratory day, we could see some sparkle through the trees and hear the loud bangs from home.

In between the parade and the sausage and finale of the fireworks, we were having ceramic and glass tile installed to finish off a two month kitchen reno.
The reno began back in the first week of May. Actually, a bit farther back. Two weeks before we left for Hawaii in March we ordered a new wall oven and fancy refrigerator- the kind with crushed ice, running “reverse osmosis” water and French doors.
I swear, if I could put wheels on that shiny, black fridge, I’d drive it around town.
It’s that pretty!
So, those new appliances triggered the renovation. The first real kitchen reno in 16 years.
We deserved it. Don’t you think?
I even learned a thing or two today- like how to “butter” ceramic and glass tiles before they get glued to the wall with special adhesive.
Not real butter. Adhesive type butter.
Our friend Cary- who did the reno, showed me how to “butter”. It was rough at first but boy once I got the hang of it, I could spread ‘em with the best of them.
I just realized how that sounded!
Now, it’s just a bit of grout and then the tiles get washed clean- like a sinner’s soul on the banks of the Heebee Jeebees!

Cary had some additional help from Lisa and Leanne. L&L are sisters and the second “L” is “linked” to Cary.
That’s a good thing!
Leanne helped me separate rows of tile from 12 x 12 sheets. She also displayed some decorative flair by laying a row of decorative glass tiles on the kitchen windowsill.
Lisa on the other hand fetched this and that, talked and ran an errand with Tom to get some extra tile and spacers.
Did I mention she talked?
I did?
No need to mention it again then.

This is one of those weekends that appear endless. Everyday will feel like Saturday to someone. Maybe by Sunday the days will fall into place- or at least by Monday.
Of course, if you’re starting summer holidays, your schedule of days will be “screwed” up for a while longer. These days I find myself looking at the date on the calendar more than usual- a combination of retirement and age.
Enjoy and remember we have the two busiest months of summer right there in front of us. Make the most of them. Plan carefully. Back to School bargains and winter parkas will be on store shelves soon enough!

Have a good day!