Saturday, July 31, 2010

ROBBLOG #115 W E E K E N D Edition

Do you get tired of talking to people busily “texting” away to someone else- maybe someone more important or interesting than you, while you are trying to have a normal conversation?

It bugs the Hell out of me and I would simply rather not talk until they put the blasted thing away.
I have never “texted” once in my life.
E-mailed, yes.
I do that many times a day.
Sometimes for business.
Sometimes for pleasure- keeping up with family and friends.

The other evening, while we walking Kiki and Missy, we came upon a young lad, standing on the grassy patch at the edge of the road on Peter Street North. He stood beneath a street lamp. Now, I would have trouble reading a book with large print beneath a street light but there he was standing there- texting.
It was dark.
It was humid.
It was late in the evening but he had to stop and message someone.
Perhaps he was fairly new at texting because many young folks I see walk, chew gum, spit and text at the same time. The darkness of the evening must have caused him to stand stationary while he sent an important blurb.

Yesterday, it seemed like every second person at Couchiching Park was walking “zombie-like” while their eyes were steadily fixed to their Blackberry, IPhone or Koodo.
Is Koodo a phone or a service?
How important “texting” has become and we require it to keep Canada strong and free- and informed, I guess.
Perhaps this is what they said- or a texted.

Person1: Hey. Where R U?

Person2: At the Park.

Person1: Why?

Person2: Dunno

Person1: What R U doing?

Person2: Sitting.

Person1: Alone?

Person 2: Yes.

Person1: Why?

Person2: Why?

Person1: Yes, Why? Where is George.

Person2: Dunno.

Person1: What?

Person2: Long story.

Person 1: What R U doing now?

Person 2: Looking at Midway.

Person 1: Zipper there?

Person2: Yup. Kid just puked before.

Person 1: Ich.

Person2: Yup

Person1: I’ll meet U.

Person2: OK

Person 1: Where R U?

Person 2: At Monument.

Person 1: Champlain?

Person2: Yes.

Person1: Where are U?

Person2: Sitting on steps at Monument.

Person1: Champlain?

Person2: Yes.

Person1: I C U.

Person1: I C U 2

Person 2: Should I move to U.

Person1: OK

Person2: Be there in sec

Person1: OK.

…and that is why we need “texting”. To keep people informed!

Have a great Civic Holiday Weekend!