Sunday, July 11, 2010

ROBBLOG # 100 !!!!!!

This is my 100th RobBlog.
Woo-Hoo! I never thought I would write 100 of these things.
But I did, eh.

I haven’t read an online newspaper since Saturday.
The world could be crumbling around me and I wouldn’t even know about it.
That’s not until 2010.
Although The Netherlands probably think their world has ended with Spain beating them for the World Cup.
You know the World Cup that been on TV for the last 3 months or more. I’ve been waiting to share some photos of the “boys” celebrating along the way?
Is this a game for “‘Real Men” or is their something “funny” going on?
By "funny", I mean "Hot!"
You be the judge.

Elsewhere, it’s been a busy weekend.
An early morning walk to Couchiching Park on Sunday with Tom and our resident family members- Missy and Kiki.
How quiet it is before Orillia’s young hooligans wake up- after a night of partying and tomfoolery, only to spoil it for us with their cursing, screaming, yelling and walking four abreast along the trail.
Believe me, it’s worth getting up early- if only to watch the morning sun glistening off the tepid waters of Lake Couchiching.
Listen to the quiet.
Everyone gives you a cheery “Good Morning” too.
Coffee in hand, it’s quite civilized.

Did you go to Mariposa?
We didn’t.
75 bucks each for a few hours on Sunday evening. We could hear Murray, Sylvia, Gord and Ian from our Verandah.
I know it’s not the same as being there. It’s interesting to note that Swisssh has been bombarded with stuff from Mariposa for the past few months. Some of the info found its way onto Swisssh- both the website and radio station. However, I wasn’t offered free passes like last year. I didn’t get any kind of remuneration from the Festival either- in the way of advertising dollars. Not that I approached them- you understand.
I am quite sure the Packet, Orillia Today or terrestrial stations don’t do it for free. Of course since it’s a website and Internet Station, it’s a hard sell to get people- like you, as well as organizations to pay a “pittance” for an ad or commercial.
It’s a heavy load I bear.
I know.
Not quietly either.
Sucks to be me!
At least The Orillia Opera House and Drayton Entertainment gives Swisssh “Media Freebies”. It’s a sort of bartering system.
You scratch my back.
I’ll scratch yours.

I painted our pantry on Sunday. I started just about the time the humidity rolled in. In the pantry- off our “just renovated” kitchen, there is no window to the outside. Under the floor there is a trap floor to our “Dracula Basement” but that’s about it. We had a cupboard made at the far end above the trap door. I had to paint the doors and framework of the cupboard as well as the walls and floor of the pantry.
It sure looks better than it did even though it was “hot” work.
It’s finished now.
One final item.
A member of the Garage Door Players e-mailed me over the weekend to ask if I was the least bit annoyed at Debbie Collins’ remark in the programme of the current show “Married Alive!” at the Studio Theatre. In her remarks as Producer she says-

“Debbie is excited for this opportunity to bring quality theatre back to Orillia”.

I had read that in an initial media release for the season. I didn’t know it was also in the programme. Guess it makes what everyone else does on stage in Orillia- less than “some measure of quality”- whatever that measurement happens to be.

I believe it boils down to the fact that there are those who are members of organizations such as ACTRA and Equity who believe they are indeed better at theatrical pursuits than others, if only because of that accreditation and the fact they are getting paid- read professional.
However, I must say at this point that getting paid is always better!
Being an out-of-town actor coming to perform in Little Old Orillia seems to have some added prestige as well. I wonder what Mariposa Arts Theatre people thought of that remark when they attended a recent performance of “Married Alive”, where monies were being donated to their Community Theatre?

I must say I am not surprised at the quote.
That’s just the way of the theatrical world Darling!
Kisses! xxxx