Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Look up. Look way up.
OKAY. Not that far. Just look up to where it says RobBlog.
See that number up there?
That’s how many Blogs I have written since mid- February.
Almost 100!

How do I do it?
I don’t know.
How do I think of so many things to write about?
I don’t really know. If I think of something during the day I start to write, sometimes finishing it later in the day. If I don’t make a note or start to write, the thought vanishes before I know it.
Like last night as I lay in bed reading- before I turned out the light, I thought of something really good to write about.
Bugger if I can think of what it was about now. I should have written it down. I always think I will remember an idea- but I never do.

I got an e-mail the other day from Tin Can Bay in Queensland Australia. A café called Café Max plays Swisssh Radio during the lunch hour and apparently all the “Bruce and Shelia’s” just love it. Imagine eleven hours time difference and up to 20 hours- or more, in travel time and they listen to Swisssh Radio. I think that would be about the farthest afield that I have heard from– besides Oshawa Bin Laden listening in that cave in Afghanistan or maybe in Courtice down near the real Oshawa on the 401- wherever he is located these days. Tin Can Bay is a fishing and boating paradise located on the Cooloola Coast, 2 1/2 hours drive north of the Queensland state capital Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast.
Tin Can Bay
As far as Café Max goes there is a connection- friends Steph and Sam Dunn. You hear Steph all the time on Swisssh Radio. Sam- her hubbie is the son of Deb and Bruce (see everyone in Australia is named Bruce!) Dunn, in Tin Can Bay. Sam told his Mum and Dad about Swisssh and they tuned in and liked what they heard. Now, who knows what will happen after the newness wears off but I bet some of the patrons are tuning in as well. All you Bruce and Shelias- W E L C O M E !!!

I had a few people tell me they read my “Pride” Blog posted the past two days.
I told one friend about some of the “boobies” that were on display at Toronto Pride. There were many “manly” boobs on nicely tanned chests with just the right amount of fur and pectoral muscle. On the other side of the street there were some chests that should have been covered. After all, that’s what shirts are for- right?
Then, there were “boobies”. Gals- maybe Dykes, who decided to let it all flap in the hot afternoon sun. I have no problem with that kind of mammary freedom. After all. it is within the law in the Province of Ontario. What I did learn from my friend is that there is a huge selection of “boobies’ to be found such as:
Large and pendulous.
Tube sock style.
Wow! Those just can’t be real.

The latter “type” was- for the most part, boldly strutted up and down Church Street by infamous “Village” Drag Queens.
Good on ya Sheila!
I mean, You Go Girl!

It was a young lady proudly displaying a pair of “Tube-Type Titties” that I mentioned in yesterday’s Blog- only at the time of writing, I didn’t know how they were classified!
I do now.
I am still trying to erase the memory.
Some of the “Guys” strutted their finest as well. A picture is worth a thousand words- see pic below.

One again, I have to say it was a wonderful day. If you have never been to a Toronto Pride Celebration you are missing a lot of fun. You’ll learn a lot too. You’ll see a lot.You’ll smile a lot.
And yes- maybe someone along the way might just think you’re Gay.
But that’s Okay-
Some days I get mistaken for a Heterosexual two maybe three times!!
I know what it’s like.
Keep your eyes open and you’ll even see famous folk such as Mark Tewkesbury, Jack Layton, Rick Mercer, Crystal Lite, Bob Rae, Mayor David Miller and Olivia Chow.
But you know what?
I didn’t see a well-known Conservative type in the entire million plus batch of folks- that I knew. Not likely a whole lot of Baptists either.
Now I stand to be corrected. Maybe there were a few there along the Parade Route.
Maybe I mistook them for NDP’ers or Presbyterians!

Have a great Day!