Wednesday, July 28, 2010


59 years ago today I fought my first fight in this world. It would be the first of many.

I made my way into the world on a hot, sultry July afternoon- around 3ish.
I don’t remember the exact moment but my Mum has told me how hot it was that July day- repeatedly, for most of these past 59 years.
She says it was – “Damn hot!”
I think the heat in the 50’s seemed much hotter than today’s 30 degrees.

On that July day, the attending Doctor was Dr. Green. His house and office still stand on the southwest corner of Neywash Street and Peter Street North. It has an Ontario designation for Heritage. I remember going to Dr. Green as a lad. My Dad would even take him fishing on Lake Simcoe- summer and winter. That’s where we lived, on Lake Simcoe looking over at the Narrows. I would imagine fishing was a great stress reliever.
Never could see the purpose in it myself.
Golf either for that matter- except for the de-stressing.

Actually, I’m not sure if family doctors became stressed in the 50’s or 60’s. Certainly their time schedules shouldn’t have been as busy as today’s modern family physicians. At least I wouldn’t expect they were. After all Dr. Green had the spare time to fish.

It’s hard to believe I stand on the cusp of “60”. I know I am just 59 but if I were to pass unexpectedly this year, they’d plaster the phrase “in his 60th year” all over my obituary and death notice.
Maybe somewhat.
However, it’s reality.

How have I coped with the years? Better read my book. I hope to see that published within this next year.
Health-wise, I’m feeling good. No major problems. I was dealing with some skin cancer last year but it’s gone now and I am extra careful when in the sun. Grateful too, that it disappeared with a topical drug. Something new.

I still have my hair which manages to bleach out to a “summer blonde” just as it did when I was a kid. Some of that blonde is “gray” too. I have to be upfront about that.

I do not have a “pot belly”.

I have some lines on my face, the worst being those freeking “puppet” lines around the mouth that make me look a little bit like Pinocchio, the wooden puppet or Charlie McCarthy at the very least.
Otherwise, things are good.

I wouldn’t say no to a shot of Botox if someone offered a shot- free.

I would also be vain enough to get a tug and pull her and there. Not just for vanity but to take that “tired look” away.
There’s the semi-drooping lids.
The small bags under my eyes that give the impression that I am just packing for a quick overnight stay.
Then, there’s the attractive liver spots on the backs of my hands. My tan covers them up in the summer but come the sunless, godless, winter months- Egads!
I have even noticed some colourful veins starting to appear on my legs- like little roadmaps in a forest of brown hair.

I exercise when I can.
I Walk.
Rollerblade and Bike.
I love all of that. I just miss it in the winter months, for as much as I was born right here in Orillia at Soldiers Memorial- yes I am a “true” Orillian, I believe I should have been delivered into this world in a warm tropical country- not Canada.
I have never forgiven Mum and Dad for that. What were they thinking? Orillia?
At least I can boast that I have a summer Birthday not a January or February date. What’s the birthstone for those months- an ice cube and an ice cycle?

So, today on this the 59th Anniversary of my “auspicious” birth- in my mind only, I can say I am happy with my life. I can truthfully say my waist size is smaller than it was through most of my high school years too!
I have a special person in my life- Tom, whom I love with all my heart. We have been together for 25 years.
We were married 4 years ago but we consider that to be 25 years ago. We just made it legal- when the government finally let us.

I love our pets Kiki and Missy. A big part of my life. Kiki- our yellow lab celebrated 14 years this past Sunday. We should share a cake today!

So I will be celebrating today and quietly musing over what the year ahead will bring.

Have a great day!