Thursday, July 29, 2010


Age is just a number.

It’s all in one’s mind.
Never grow up and your body will be in consort with your brain and keep you looking young and Botox free!

From what I have been told, I am so far keeping ahead of old man time. This must be something special in my genes- or at least in my “summer shorts”.
Hah. Hah.

I have come to terms with being 59- my 60th year as I said in yesterday’s blog.
This gossipy tid-bit regarding age. I read that Tom Selleck- whom I met twice in Hawaii in the 80’s and yes he is large and handsome in person, is 65 years old.
My Gawd! How did that happen? He doesn’t look a day over 35 on Magnum!


Magnum was 30 some years ago. How can that be? Magnum P.I. ended its run- not cancelled says Mr. Selleck, in 1988. He still looks very good- for his age, as they say. So, Tom has good genes too, not to mention a chest and a few other accoutrements I won’t get into on this particular blog.

I don’t really know why some of us look our age and more, while others look perennially young. You know what it’s like when you chance to meet someone for the first time. You are introduced and a few minutes later you discover they are let’s say- 57 years old. You look at their face and with your inside voice you say- “Yah, I believe 57.”
With others you say- with an inside gasp- “They’re 57? Gee, I would have thought early 60’s.”
That one would hurt if the 57 year old knew you had placed them in the 60 something category. After all you just met. A quick evaluation.
Then with others- like the always youthful and tanned actor George Hamilton, you exclaim- “God, they don’t look a day over 45!”
You see, a good tan hides many keys to age- like liver spots.
Yes skin cancer can result but an overall tan gives the impression of vigour and good health.
Especially an “overall” tan!
That will be a discussion for another Blog!

Did you know, if you look fab-u-luss in a tan, a yellow shirt and tight, white shorts, nobody cares about your age. You are just too gorgeous for anyone to think about your chronological age. Of course if you have a wad of hundred dollar bills bursting out of the pocket of your white, pleated shorts, a Rolls parked at the curb and a beach house in Malibu, the age discussion is even less liable to arise.

Is there a magic potion- besides Botox and surgery?
It could be just thinking young.
Never growing up- like Peter Pan or quite simply it’s the luck of the draw.

In conclusion as Peter said- “I won’t grow up. I won’t!”

I think Peter said that as he stamped his feet on the swampy bog after being chased by Captain Hook which can keep a young man fit in so many ways.
The foremost reason being chased by an old man (you may enter the words “Catholic Priest” here as well) sporting long hair (bald), wearing a hat with a peacock feather (a mitre covered in gold sequins) stuck in the brim and waving a sword (crucifix) around in one arm while lunging forward with a (jewel-encrusted sceptre) dastardly “hook” on the other.
That could keep most any lad young forever- not to mention totally fit and Protestant!
I know it would keep me young- if not totally fit, if I were a resident of Never- Never Land or the Vatican.
I’d just Run. Run. Run as fast as I could counting my rosary beads as I dashed!

Of, course if Captain Cook (I am going to be chastised for this- or the Priest) was a Tom Selleck look-a-like, I would have to re-think my course of action and my haste.
I am so bad.
But I look Gooooood!

Have a great day!