Sunday, July 18, 2010


What a weekend. Quite frankly- “I’m Pooped! Worn out”

A parade.
A reunion
A road trip.
Lilies in a Hayfield.

It was a nice Scottish Festival Parade. Great bands- especially the Federal Naval Reserve Band. Guess Harper hasn’t cut the funding there- unlike cutting the Census, money allocated to the ARTS and of course the Toronto Pride Parade that draws over a million people in one day- just ne’er a Conservative or a “born again”.

The young navy man in his dress whites with the French accent- we called him “Henri”, sitting on the back of that convertible certainly gave the march a dash of- je ne sais quoi.
Nothing like a “man” in uniform!

I heard a lot of people say the Canada Day Parade sucked in comparison.
Bands were lacking to celebrate Orillia’s Birthday as well as Canada’s. I submit to the committee that they need to work on that. I think both parades are “too Conservative” and each need a smattering of Liberal Red, NDP Orange and Green Party Green. A Pride Rainbow wouldn’t hurt a bit either!
The Masses Band tattoo at the park was moving as usual. Great to hear Jim Foster’s voice again as M.C.
From the massed bands marching we had to scoot to a Radio Reunion in Coboconk- just on Balsam Lake. I dragged Tom along with me. In 1982 and 1983- yes I’m that old, I worked for CHOO Country Radio 1400 in Durham- with studio’s in Ajax. For some reason it was a close family working at CHOO and although many came before me and many after, my two years at CHOO were both remarkable as well as memorable. Many good people passed through the doors at CHOO Radio. It was good to see a few I had worked with.
Some I could recognize.
Most importantly, they recognized me.
Remember, it has been 27 years!

Laughs, a BBQ, hugs, catching up and lots of- “Do you remember when…”
I never ever had a high school reunion to go to, so this was it for me.
Lil Bolton and Dave Hughes said I looked the same as I did 27 years ago.
How kind!
Hmmm. I have pictures from 1982. Can you find me below?
I think it was the nicest thing anyone could have said to me at a reunion. Of course, I returned the compliment.

It was great seeing Brian Belfry again. He was the CHOO morning man. I remember there were times in the production studio at CHOO, where Brian and I would get laughing so hard we would almost “wet” ourselves.
I know.
We were two grown men but we giggled, tee-hee’d and guffawed like little schoolgirls.
Saturday at Balsam Lake at Lil Bolton’s cottage- time stood still.
We were silly all over again.
It felt so good.
I can’t say how much of a good time I had. It may never happen again but I’ll not soon forget the afternoon.
Tom even said he had a good time and he didn’t know anyone to begin with. That changed after the first hour or so.

After resting up Saturday night, Sunday morning it was an excursion to Port Perry and Orono. We had friends Lisa and Cathy with us as well as Kiki- our yellow lab and Missy our Mini-schnauzer. We had planned the day for a month. We packed ourselves into the Swissshmobile and headed south east.
At Port Perry we ate at Haugen’s. A famous chicken place that has been serving up good chicken since “Jesus was a choirboy”. Actually, since 1954- according to the sign.

Then, we headed further east to Orono (just off Hwy 115/35) and “We’re in the Hayfield Now”. That’s a huge Daylily Farm owned by friends Henry and Murray. People come from all over to see the lilies in full blossom. It is breathtaking. Remember too, each bloom only lasts one day!
Next weekend is the summer “Open Garden” but we had to go this past weekend.
What good fortune because the Lilies have reached their peak. We have purchased many of Henry’s Lilies over the past few years. In fact back in June we made the trip to pick up the plants we had ordered from this year’s catalogue. Several are sold out already and they won’t become available for another few growing seasons. You have to order early when their catalogue comes out. It’s like owning a “limited edition”, at least until more grow “In the Hayfield”.

Henry’s former partner and “spouse”- Douglas, passed away suddenly 12 years ago and with the help of family and friends Henry surged ahead learning more and more about the lilies- since it began as Douglas’s passion.
Now, with someone new in his life- Murray, they work shoulder to shoulder. Henry’s Mum is usually there as well, lending her expertise. Oh Betsy too- her pooch. Betsy knows her way around the sprawling farmstead too and dashing up and down the rows of lilies like a seasoned pro!
How did “We’re in the Hayfield Now” get its name?
Originally, the lilies were grown behind the old farmhouse. However, as the business expanded they took over a neighbouring field and one day one of the guys exclaimed- “Guess we’re in the Hayfield now!” and the name stuck.

It made for a wonderful “Road Trip” and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more.
Oh yes, we bought more lilies. It was just too tempting.
Both Lisa and Cathy started a collection too.

I must mention here that purchasing daylilies is not an inexpensive proposition. Most start at 15 dollars per plant with a top price of 50 bucks for a beautiful plant called “Mavis Folemsbee”- which we purchased.
Henry says Mavis is a nice lady who lives in Niagara Falls.
Most plants have memorable monikers such as Patience My Love- which we also have, Scarlett Summer, Sylvia Hinz, Jerusalem, Voulez Vous Danser? and Moon Over Hayfield.

Take a tour of the “We’re In the Hayfield Now” website:

I better get digging some holes for the new arrivals.
Have a great day!