Friday, September 1, 2017


Labour Day Weekend!
How the Hell did that happen already?

Here we are in the Cowichan- just outside Chemainus. We left Orillia almost 17 days ago. Times flies when you're having fun! This is a fun place! Now, don't get me wrong, I would rather be in our new house than living in Priscilla week after week but it could be worse- like a drippy, cold tent.
Priscilla has central air and a furnace so it's not like we are really roughing it or anything like that.

We have a had a few problems like the toilet deciding to keep running, flooding the bathroom floor. The water seeped under the bathroom wall and soaked the edges of the bedroom rug. A soggy mess. I keep sopping up the water with paper towels. That cushiony kind with the guy on TV dressed up like a paper towel roll?
The Best?
Costco brand.
Hennaway, it could have been worse- like the toilet holding tank overflowing.
Ya gotta be greatful for the small things.

We had a busy- but nice, day in Victoria yesterday. Takes us about 45 minutes to drive to Victoria- down Island, on the Trans Canada and over the Malahat. What breathtaking views and all in our own backyard! We picked up our friend Brenda and her Grandson Nick and headed to Downtown Victoria. They live in Esquimalt (Ss-squeye-Malt). Got to get the pronounciation correct!

Live Music and Fish and Chips on Fisherman's Wharf Victoria BC
We had lunch at Fisherman's Wharf- Halibut Fish and Chips. They were not cheap but they were good. A fellah was singing under a blue umbrella not far from our picnic table on the wharf. He did a couple of songs from Joni Mitchell and Peter Paul and Mary. Then, he started talking about Orillia and Gordon Lightfoot!
What are the chances?
I had a brief chat before we left our table. Well sorta, he chatted and I listened. Could not get a word in edge-wise and if you know me- that is quite a feat in itself.
Floating houses were moored on the docks connected to the main wharf.

Floating Houses. Even a couple for Sale
We drove somewhere in Victoria to Short Street- and it was, to the La Z Boy Furniture store. Thank goodness again for the GPS- although we had Brenda and Nick as co-pilots. After a couple of
"re-calculating" moments from both the GPS Lady that I call "Sheila" and from our backseat GPS- Nick, we made it to the store. Tom and I spent two hours or more choosing furniture. Our guests and the puppies were very patient.
Did you get that Orillia? Every store we have gone into has welcomed dogs. We always ask if it isn't posted. The only no's were at the Outdoor, Under a Tent, Art Sale in Ladysmith last weekend where we talked to a lot of disgruntled pet owners. Won't be there next year. We also can't take the kids into a restaurant but the Doghouse Restaurant has an outdoor take out entrance with a lovely, plant-filled patio where Missy and Koko were welcomed.

We like the Lazy B Boy product. We bought a new King-sized- Queens no longer, four piece bedroom set. Looks very antique.
A solid traditional look.
Of course, we needed a mattress and box spring too.
A love-seat caught our eye. It was at a great price so we took that as well. Then I saw this great-looking, electric fireplace that actually had fake smoke rising from the logs. It had been marked down to $996 from $2100.
I asked Ezra- our very helpful salesguy, if he could do better.
He did at $596 so, I said sold.
Don't know where it's going to go in the new build since we have two gas fireplaces but maybe the Master Bedroom.

A Bargain Fireplace/Piece of Furniture

One of the park employees who toodle around on golf carts just came to our door.
She asked- "Are you from Orillia?"
I said "Yes..."
She broke into a big smile, screamed and said-"I am too!!"
We hugged and jumped up and down.'s a small world.
Holly and Bruce. Been here for 20+ years.
They live year-round in this RV park along with about 30 other permanent, year round folks.
We sat and chatted.
Holly is going back to Orillia next week for a few weeks to visit family. She'll miss the heat over the next 5 days. There are heat warnings out with temps to be in excess of 30c!

She told me she and her husband Bruce managed that condo building on Gill Street in Orillia.
I told her my sister lives next door to that building.

So, apparently Tom and I just have to go to the Pancake Breakfast on Sunday morning. Oh,
there's a dance on Saturday night too- complete with a 2 piece band.

So, for those of you wondering about year-round, inexpensive living in an RV Park it is the norm here on The Island. No -30's.
No snow.
No staying in your house for 3 or 4 months because it's too miserable to be outside.

As Holly said- "Roses bloom in December. What's not to like here?"


  1. Yahoo, you are doing so well settling in to ISLAND LIFE. Bummer about the toilet fiasco. But good thing, it was only clean water. {:-o)}
    Love and hugs!

  2. Funny you should say "bummer" but the H2O problem seems to be fixed but the rugs are still wet even though I keep folding paper towels and standing on them along the Priscilla has baseboards.


  3. Rob and Tom
    We sure enjoy your blogs! Sounds like your weather is the very opposite of ours. We've had frost warnings and our lake is starting to cool-Sad! Why are the leaves changing colour?

  4. Still Hot here 33c today- Labour Day Monday.
    Heat to continue into next week in September.

    So many trees and bushes are brown and dead looking here and lawns all yellow and brown.No rain in site. E-mail me anonymous so I know who you are- can you?