Monday, September 4, 2017


Labour Day Monday.
Imagine Labour Day and "In Labour". Think of your Mum if you are a Labour Day Baby.

The reality of "Living the Dream" on the Island Continues and it's HOT AS HELL.
34c yesterday when we passed through Ladysmith after visiting an outdoor Market in Cedar about 40 minutes from Duncan. There is an English Pub there called the Crow & Gate. Step inside and "poof" you're in England.
If you're "straight" it would be "Wow, I am in England"!
We couldn't take the puppies in- which you could in most English Pubs however, we will go back again.

Leanna and Jason from the Ed's Soup Shack in Duncan were there. We met them Saturday at the Duncan Market. A Terrific twosome and we plan on having Martini's together and maybe lunch or dinner. Jason's from Oshawa and yes he did work at GM for a while but I won't say what Jason said about GM...

Saw this Red Accordion in a Vintage Shop in Chemainus.
Just $295. I may take up being an accordionist. Just call me Lawrence Welk
Also at the Cedar Market, we met Nancy from Protection Island- just off Nanaimo. Nancy and her partner are from Calgary and have been Islanders for 2 years. They live in a "tree house" on the Island. Nancy says you can walk around the whole Island in about 40 minutes. Something else to do!

We chatted to the gal at Island Skalliwags ( where we bought doggie treats and told the story about losing our Doyle cat in Winnipeg. She suggested the Winnipeg Lost Cats Facebook Page. Last evening I messaged them and Claudia answered in a heartbeat. We gave her all the Doyle Info. She will go look at the KOA and install a camera there- actually it's in St. Francis Xavier. Claudia said they have always found every feline they have looked for- baring wild animals fitting into the equation.
So again, we have HIGH HOPES of having Doyle return.

Our Doyle
Have I mentioned how many "Doppelgangers" there are out her on the Island.
It takes you back some. A neighbour up this RV Row is the image of Orillia's Sherry Lawson. Jan has the same facial features and hand movements, body language, bright eyes and laugh of Sherry.
At times I believe it is Sherry untill I give my head a shake.
Another friend- Jaki, who lives in Mississauga, has a doppelganger here. We met her at Transfer Beach.
Same hair.
Same facial features and actions that Jaki has.
Jaki's Mum was our friend Sienny who passed from cancer 4 years ago September 2nd.
There are plenty of others too- too many to mention- but Sharon and Terri from Fowlie Street back in Orillia, you are represented here too.

Little Church in Chemainus
Today's sked?
We plan on visiting Canada's only Tea Farm in Duncan (Westholme). It's called Westholme Tea Company and you can look it up on Google. We met Victor- the owner, at the Duncan Market on Saturday and we said we'd drop by Monday and meet his wife as well.
Don't know her name yet but it is probably online on their website.
Victor says there's a cafĂ© and more to see  at the Farm.
Betcha I buy some tea. I bought Island roasted coffee at the Duncan Market on Saturday.
By the bye, that market is open 52 weeks a years- OUTDOORS!
What does that tell you about this Mediterranean climate in the Cowichan?

That's it for today.
There's so much more I could write but I will make notes and type more next time.

A message to easterners, if you are fed up with -30c and cold and snow and ice, I think I might be able to suggest an alternative...