Saturday, September 16, 2017


I like to post this picture on my ROBBLOG because "Easterners" don't believe it's CANADA!

Well My Dears- it is!!
White Rock B.C.

It's such a shame that now we are on the Island we can no longer encourage you folks in Ontario and farther to come to the Island for retirement or work. Not that you can't come, it's just that we can't encourage you to leave your life behind and come to the land of milk, honey and palm trees. It's not that Islanders think this Island will sink into the Pacific if there's too much weight on it, it's just that it's such a special place, they apparently don't want Ontarians to know about it. Nothing against Ontarians...I used to be one and I married one!

"Oh Jane.. I am worried about those boys way out west on their own.
I feel the need to nestle them to my breast.
If only I wasn't in this damn chair!"

"But ya are Blanche. But ya are! ~yawn~!"
The Weekend and another sunny day and warm. Apparently, this is the end of the warm weather for a week. Some cooling system is arriving Sunday into Monday and temps next week are all mid-teens with some showers thrown in too. Boy, the Island could use some rain.
Last Saturday's attempt at rain was short-lived and it didn't do much.

We have some news.
The cottage rental is out.
We were looking for the builder to help us recoup expenses for THEIR delay. Accommodation and our furniture storage in particular.So far that's not happening. The cottage rental is expensive and we need to be frugal.

After looking forward to being in the cottage, we were now resigned to living here in Priscilla until mid-November, when we got a call from our real estate. They had two suggestions for alternative places to stay. A little late but things are slower-paced on the Isle! Good thing it was the Real Estate suggesting places. We get the feeling that the builder's suggestion would be to send us packing back to Ontario on the toe of his work boot. One is NOT supposed to rock the boat- or rock the build in this case.

"Miserable little boat-rocking, Ontario Fruits!!"
We are just standing up for ourselves with a lawyer on the sidelines.
We are firm in wanting some assistance. We will not sign papers agreeing to an extension of the move-in date until we get that assistance. The builder having used his 30 days extension-twice, has to help. The lawyer is in agreement.
Meanwhile, we are in limbo like those folks crossing into Canada looking to get away from that
A Hole in that country that truly believes their shite has no odour.
That is the most polite way I can phrase that...

A couple of days ago we saw the new digs.
Not Tay Diggs but my- that would have been nicer. Much, much nicer.

The one property the Real Estate had for us to view was a detached home but unfurnished. We were not prepared to move our furniture from storage to this house to the new build. The second property was on a lovely, residential street only a couple of minutes from our new house. This "in-law suite" has it's own entrance through a back garden. It's a self contained unit with lots of space. We can walk the neighbourhood and downtown, walk the puppies and even let them out in an enclosed back yard. Best of all the price is HALF what we were paying at the Air BnB property.

Not to rush things...we are moving in on Tuesday!
Priscilla...Dear, sweet, motherly Priscilla will be sold.
Eastern friends haven't expressed firm interest in staying in her this winter season and we don't want a storage fee, so we have called an RV dealer here in the area. He will come and look at her and put her on consignment. As much as we were told back on Ontario that we would have no problem selling- at a profit, reality has struck and we will lose money.
Did we pay too much at Heidi's?
Yes, we now believe we did.
When we quoted $43,000 it appears to be too high for a 2003 Dutchmen Express in tip-top shape.
I am not surprized.

Our build 10 days ago
We are counting the days to possession of our new home. Normality is the keyword here- even though we'll be living in a construction zone for a year or more once we move in. Oh- our friendly, used-car slick, real estate fellah tells us yesterday we need to get to signing the addendum moving completion date to mid-November because-
"We wouldn't want Bruce to stop building your home- would we?"
And he's supposed to be on our side!!
Dontcha love threats like this?

Cheese and Rice!
Just get the Farm Trucking house built!!
A new friend on the Island is suggesting we let the lawyer take over now. We'll see what the first of the week brings. We want to keep this "friendly".
We'll settle in our new temporary space first.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you may be and whatever you are doing.
Thanks for reading.
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