Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Well Kids...another day on the Island.

First off, I probably won't be writing many more blogs about our move and the Island etc;
Not much new here.
We just wait day by day to move into our new house- which if you are a ROBBLOG reader you will know already- it's delayed.

It was a nice weekend and now here we are into the second day of a new week and we have been inundated with morning e-mails and texts telling us our home back in Orillia is on the market again. Folks who haven't e-mailed or texted us since the day we left Ontario are now all a flutter with the news that the house is back on the market as of today and at an inflated price.

We even know the exterior is all painted white (bleech!) except for the master bath. I guess one would call this a flip. We are not surprized.
The "owners" only saw the house once with us and a second time with an inspector. From the start Tom and I believed they had no real enduring interest in the house.
I can think of a song right now that would tell the tale.

It makes us sad to think that after 25 years this is where we are at present.
People looking to make a fast buck.
I could swear here but I won't.

All we hope is someone will buy this charming old house who wants a wonderful, home- albeit with no charm inside what with white walls and contemporary furnishings. Paint can change that- again, of course.

The thing is...
Not our house.
Not our concern.
Not our interest.
Not our future.
We are moving forward.

Our future is here. On the Island.

The view from the Duncan Canadian Tire parking lot.

Geeze, we had a tough time saying goodbye to our Montana van last week.
Yes...there were tears!
You didn't want to see us driving away from our Orillia House early in the morning of August 15th either. ~sob~

Now, last week we were new vehicle shopping- mainly because the "Swissshmobile" couldn't pass the BC out-of-province vehicle test. Some rust underneath that required repair and we thought we'd start new- rather than repair old.

After four hours of  test driving and looking at two vehicles in particular- we bought a Dodge Grand Caravan. When we took our belongings out of the Montana and saw her sitting there alone and then being driven away to the back of the lot, it was too much to take.
We had tears and drove off the lot quickly.
~sigh and sob~
The truth of the matter is our inanimate objects- our machines, wear out. Tom and I have always taken care of our vehicles and we have made them last. Unfortunately, the provincial standards here were just too much for the Montana and she's been taken somewhere for re-sale or parts. We only got $2000 for her. She was worth more...

So, all this is just another change we have had to endure these past six weeks. We have also had to endure a bunch of bullshite too. Nothing is straight-forward dealing with stuff here and a few things back home- in the spirit of the season lets say are "haunting us", however, we are managing.

Just to confirm:
We love our new Island home.
We WILL love our new house when we move in.
We have met some fantastic folks here. Kind, friendly and supportive.
We love the mountains- three in Duncan alone.
The ocean is magnificent...and the palms and plant growth still make us give our heads a shake-
Are we really in Canada?

Garden Centre Palms
That's it for now.
Have a great day.
We will.