Wednesday, September 6, 2017


So, if you read yesterday's blog, you may be wondering- "What's Up?"

We have had advice from folks.
Suggestions, if you will.
Most of you think the builder and real estate have been unfair and may be negligent in offering assistance and compensation. Our lawyer would concur with you.

You know, to help someone- namely us, in this situation it wouldn't cost a dime.

Instead of hearing- "Hey Rob and Tom sorry about this but can you sign that addendum because 'surprize' you've been extended until November 16th." we could have heard-

"Sorry Boys but the builder's a little behind and you may not get possession until mid-November but give me a couple of days and I think I can find alternate accommodation for you since I know you don't want to live in the RV past the end of September".

There was nothing even remotely suggested- so far at least, that would offer us any help to find appropriate accommodation.
You know, after all, we are strangers in a strange land.
Strange to us but beautiful.

Nope, it appears we are on our own. Luckily we have met some nice folks here in the Cowichan who are helping us. I contacted a new friend- Leanna. I filled her in on our predicament and asked if she had any suggestions regarding a property we could rent.
She asked what we might be looking for in a rental property and how much we could afford to spend. After telling her what we wanted, Leanna got back to me in a few minutes with this photo:

This is a cottage on Sahtlam Estates Road in Duncan- about 10 minutes from our new house.
It's an Air B n B listing. We had a look online and read about the host. Here name is Jane and she is a former New Yorker who lived in the same building as Will & Grace.
Okay, she didn't live in the same building as Will & Grace- since they aren't real- except on television and in my own mind.

40 years later Jane is living the Island Dream. She ran a B&B for 16 years in Victoria and now she lives in the Cowichan where she has two private cottages on her property. The property is a "little" in the country but still has a Duncan address.
We can't believe it's just a quick 10 minutes away from our new build!

We booked our stay online and Jane called us this morning. An hour later- after punching in the code on the keypad at her front gate, we found ourselves standing in her driveway exchanging pleasantries while waiting to see the property.
Jane doesn't live alone.
She shares her country property with two dogs and a black a cat named Bob.
A pair of sheep with no names, plus a Rooster aptly named Mr. Roo.
Mr. Roo has a gaggle of gals- four to be exact, that he "services" daily and in return "The Girls" supply Jane with 3 or 4 fresh eggs each day- which she offered to share with us.

The cottage is cute and cozy and has a real range for cooking and a washer and dryer pair- almost new. The yard is fenced for our girls and without missing a beat Jane said we can park the RV in our drive along with the Swissshmobile. The drive is private and has it's own gate onto a paved road that runs just behind Jane's property.
How nice!

We knew this place would suit us when the road down the street is called "Hank's Road".
I mean can you believe it?
Hank, as in Hank has a road named after him.
I miss playing that character on stage.

Remember Hank?
All in all, we'll be able to live a nearly normal life for two months or whenever our house is built and ready for possession. However, this sweet little cottage with the sky light inside the front door is not cheap. A couple of months to live in this private, fenced country cottage will cost us under four thousand dollars.
Where the Hell is that money coming from?
We may have to cut back on our upgrades, sell Priscilla our RV sooner rather than later or rely on the goodwill and customer service we have been shown so far by both our realtor and builder.

That'll never happen...or...will it?

We have a meeting at the new property tomorrow and
just in case the bullshite runs high on the calf...

I'm wearing my rubber boots!