Friday, September 8, 2017

ROBBLOG #647 The W E E K E N D

Yup, That's a pencil sketch of me- enjoying Island Life!!!
Nice teeth, eh??
Well I brush several times a day...

So, 24 days since we left Orillia, Ontario.
Time flies.
Our new Island Home is still a couple of months away- just go back 2 blogs and get set for some rather "rough language".
I couldn't help it. I was upset.

The new time frame has sunk in though...not that I am any happier- just resolved to missing Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en in our new house. The Hallowe'en and Harvest décor is packed away in boxes and stored at a warehouse in Nanaimo. Guess this year I won't be decorating the house for the first time in decades! If things progress as slow as they are right now, we'll be setting up the Christmas Tree outside Priscilla come December!
I don't think we can afford to stay more than two months in Jane's Cottage.
Cripes, the 2 months is costing us enough unless the builder looks after our expenses. This is not in our budget but there's no word yet on the builder pitching in. It would seem that legally, he has to. Wouldn't it be nice if they offered assistance all on their own without our nudging or pointing out the legalities?.
I am NOT holding my breath.

Speaking of our stuff being stored in Nanaimo, we took this pic a couple of days ago of a house in a beautiful Nanaimo neighbourhood, that we couldn't afford to live in. I am told the houses would be around $800,000 but look at the lovely palms and the green grass. This entire neighbourhood was green.
I smell money...

My Kind of Home

We had breakfast out this morning and invited our "new" friends the super Leanna and Jason- from Ed's Soup Shack- get it? Super? Soup shack?
We dined at the Doghouse Restaurant- as usual. Great Breakfasts and the conversation was fun thanks to these two Islanders- even though Jason's from Oshawa. Tom and I got the skinny on some local stuff but after brekkie we realized we had forgot to ask about driver licences and health info!
Another time.
After a final cup of coffee, Leanna and Jason had to go and get ready for a busy market weekend in Duncan and Cedar.

After breakfast Tom and I stopped by Canadian Tire to buy two bar stools that would match the two we used in Orillia, I sashayed into the garden centre while there- outdoors of course. I can tell you this garden centre still is fully-stocked, whereas you folks in Orillia are probably just looking at fall mums and grasses and colourful harvest pots. Here there were Rhodies, Banana plants, plants for water gardens, grasses and more. Here's a photo of  some of the plants I saw:

Green and Lush
Yesterday, we stopped by the new house to see Joanne the interior design assistant and happened to meet Peter the electrician who was on site to plot our lighting needs.
That was fun and we were happy we had the opportunity to speak with Pete. He was very helpful.

Afterwards, we wandered down the trail just up the street from our house. It connects with the Trans Canada Trail that runs behind the property. We hadn't had the opportunity to do that before.
The trail and the valley were breath-taking. Tom and I had no idea that it was so beautiful and right in our backyard. Trees were covered in moss. Some of it hung from far up branches.
You know, I thought moss-covered old growth trees could only be found in "fun" places like Georgia- you know where Bette filmed Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte and everyone has a gun hidden under their skirt or down their pants.
However, here was a forest that looked like it came right out of the south or at the least a "Lord of the Rings" movie.
I liked the sign at the bridge just below our property in Stonewood Village, so have a gander:

This trail goes all the way to Lake Cowichan and probably cuts quite close
to the cottage I showed you yesterday- which will be our interim home in October/November.

Here's a shot of the moss covering many of the trees:

...why Miss Scarlett, I had no idea!

Hennaway, we continue to soak up Island Life and learn more and more each and every day about our new Island Home in Duncan BC.

C'mon out to the West Coast.
The weather is fine and it doesn't even feel like autumn!