Tuesday, September 5, 2017


I wasn't going to tell you this but I am so pissed off I could spit!

Today- less than 30 days to our possession date of our new build in Duncan BC, our friendly realtor e-mailed us at 1pm Tuesday September 5th, 2017- yes, he e-mailed, to tell us our new home is delayed not one week....
Not two....
Not one fucking month...
But an additional month and a half until November 16th.
Now, he and the builder want us to sign an addendum- and believe me we have signed more than I can count since February, to defer possession until November 16!
Oh, he did call after the e-mail to talk with Tom. Tom's the "nice one".

"Darn"- he said, "I had hoped to talk to you (meaning Tom) before you received the e-mail I sent."

Well, numb-nuts call first- then e-mail.
Any grade school kid can figure that one out in 2017!!!
I won't even begin to list the excuses we have heard not to mention how much more our new home is worth since we officially purchased it all those months ago. Yes Sir, the day after we move in- if we ever do, we could sell for an additional $50,000 or more over and above what we will pay.
~small hands clapping~

Oh My!!
and there could be more name calling coming from my little potty mouth but because I am a "lady"- like Karen Walker on W&G, I shall refrain from additional profanity.

We bought our home way back in February, well, on paper anyway.
We have paid the monies asked.
We have signed and signed again addendums extending the possession dates. Our real estate fellah says- "This builder is always on time!"

Well, fucka-dew-dah-day, they aren't even close!

I knew there was bad karma when we had to ask for- and finally got weeks later, a letter permitting our additional puppy to live with us to appease the All Mighty Strata Gods and their one cat, one dog rule- even though North Cowichan allows 3 dogs per property.
These are actually folks who live to get up in the morning just to tell other people -like us, what to do.

Fucking power freeks- who I understand from folks living in the Village already, knock on doors to share their displeasure with the family living on the inside and how they live or what they do.
Does this sound vaguely familiar or can you say Kay Gee Bea- and I don't mean Bea Arthur!
That's all for another blog.

This Province of BC is all "Strata" nuts.
Look it up. Kinda like condo rules in Ontario but here we own our land and house only to have a committee dictate- that's the key word, their pleasure- or displeasure.
What's the word I am searching for..
Oh ya- "Dictator".

They loves them some 'strata" rules here.

I tell you this honestly, I am this close to telling this company to shove their new build. I think we have been shite upon by the "wherethefuccowwee bird".
Tom is the calming force and is trying to be patient but what the "Farm-truck" is going on?

Right now, I don't feel any warmth or even a modicum of excitement to be moving into this "Lifetime Home" sometime this year...or next...or the year after that.
Cheese and Rice!!!
Who the Fire Truck knows
Our lawyer says- don't tell him I said this- that obviously this development has a small margin of profit and isn't important enough.

We are Royally Pee'd Off Too

But I am so Mad!
I think we have been strung along for a while now and I believe the real estate office- like some crooked used car dealer, has not been forthright with us.
I wanted to believe.
I really did.
I wanted Tinkerbell to live, so I clicked my heels, clutched my pearls and prayed to Drag Queens everywhere to make things be true and right.
Tinkerbell's lights have dimmed.

I too am P Eye Double S E Dee'd
You see, it really is all about the money and the commission.
Fuck the customer. Sorry about the fuck word...

Well, we'll see.
We have been looking at other housing options outside of Dear Priscilla who has been wonderful, marvelous and protective but another 2 and a half months inside her?
Gawd no!
Priscilla, Darling, we love you but 30 feet only goes so far....

So, we are looking at options as I said.
I mean we need to change our licence, our health cards, our insurance, our storage dates and a million other things however, we can't do that without a permanent residence.
Uh-Huh right there between "The Rock and a hard place- like Hugh Jackman, which under other circumstances might not be so bad.

~breathe and smile~

So, if anyone from a certain real estate is reading this blog, make your mind up to shell out some money to this little witch and make me feel better about this house purchase and your company and this builder or
I am getting outta dodge.

"Yes Sir, He typed "Fuck" in his blog several times
and now my Granddaughter uses that
profane word frequently!"
I almost feel better. &^%$&^**##$