Thursday, September 14, 2017


Yesterday, Wednesday, we woke up to encouraging news that our Doyle had been sighted in Winnipeg after jumping ship- or rather Priscilla our RV, in a KOA Campground.

By the time the day finished we were led to believe that the cat who showed up on a doorstep a kilometre or two away from the KOA Campground was not Doyle but a neighbourhood cat. This revelation came after being told earlier that Orange cats are a rarity there.

From elation in the morning to tears and sadness-again, in the evening, it was quite an emotional ride for Tom and I. It had been suggested we fly out- at least one of us, to Winterpeg to have a look for ourselves with the other staying behind to look after the kids here. Not knowing the city at all, we decided we will wait for another sighting- if that happens. I am posting the picture we were convinced was Doyle yesterday morning. We think the cat looks gaunt and sure resembles him. Of course, we know that orange tabbies could look alike but why does this cat- who presumably lives across the street from the house where he showed at the screen door, look gaunt and appear to be pleading "help me".
Guess, we will never know.

Photo we were sent of the cat peering through the screen

Nights are cooling her in the Cowichan these days. 10c this morning but warm sunshine now at mid-morning. We have a cool week ahead after the coming weekend with temps only forecast to be 16 or 17c daytime. That is below normal as was the almost 4 months with no rain and scorching summer temperatures. Still with the "Mediterranean" winter months ahead, we will take it in stride.
We have to.
Its the reason we pulled up stakes and headed the wagon west!

Back in Orillia- I keep wanting to type "Home", I see that Jenna Hunter is calling it quits at the Casino after 16 years!
I hope it was her decision and her decision alone.
Jenna was always gracious when I asked for tickets to shows- because of Swisssh Radio. Thanks to her we saw many fabulous acts such as - Rita MacNeil, Rock Voisine, Neil Sedaka, Petula Clark,
Burton Cummings, Frankie Avalon, Diana Ross, Vicki Lawrence, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Bernadette Peters, Liza Minelli and many, many more. Thanks Jenna!
Best of luck in the future!

By the way, both Swisssh and Starlite Radio are still lodged in huge plastic containers waiting for our new build and the Den/Studio to be completed. I am anxious to have them both back on the Internet Airwaves.

Back west now, we went about asking for information regarding licence and insurance yesterday. Our driver's licence can easily be changed- with our present Ontario licence and a Passport, at a BC Government Office. The physical licence on our van and Priscilla is another matter.
First, we need to get an "Out of Province Vehicle Inspection" done at the cool cost of $99.99- before we can have our BC plates.
Can you say Cash Grab- like in Ontario for the clean air test?
We think we'll wait a couple of months before licencing Priscilla. She is just sitting in the RV Park and we hope to sell her- unless an Easterner comes out and wants to spend a month or two in her in an RV Park this January/February.

The plate exchange and vehicle insurance- which is a provincial matter, is done at an other location. This could be at a service desk at Wal*Mart, The Real Canadian Superstore or at a local branch of Island Savings. We haven't quite figured out the BC insurance yet but after we get the inspection done next week we will get more answers.
The test has to be completed first before we can proceed.

I may have told you we have rented a cottage about 10 minutes from our new build for the months of October and November. It's cute but it is in the country and when it gets dark in the country- it gets dark. This can be "Bear Country" and if you know me, you'll known I love worrying about bears consuming me as I step out my front door. Today, we see another possible lodging inside Duncan and closer to civilization. It will have to be as large as the cottage and a detached dwelling or we'll probably stick with what we have.
Either way- can you say expensive?

Have a good day friends.
More morning coffee on my schedule right now, although back in Orillia Town you are hitting 130ish.