Friday, September 22, 2017

ROBBLOG #652 THE W E E K E N D Edition

The Weekend...again.

It may seem that I am slowing down when it comes to blogging daily. Probably true.
Some days there's just life. Nothing more.
Same old same old.

This week has seen some developments.
We moved into Duncan.
Not the new house but temporary digs where we can settle until our new house possession.
That took a half dozen trips lugging belongings between our RV at Country Maples and our new Duncan address. Why even Tom's lilies made the trip. They are now stored in the English Garden just outside our door- halfway between us and the horse stables.

I must say I am hearing the horses low....or is that just cattle lowing?
I am referring to the Christmas Song..."The Cattle are lowing, the poor Babe awakes..."
These horses neigh and clomp their hoofs and kick their wooden stalls. One morning during a pee break- for me, not the horses, I could see lights streaming through our kitchen windows.
Strange Encounters of the Duncan Kind?
I tore open the windows and threw up the sash...(another Christmas theme)
Just a half dozen huge spotlights on the paddock. The horses were hungry and the keepers- and well- ~ahem~ Stable Boys were answering the call feeding the four-legged beauties and mucking out their stalls.

Friday morning I sat in The Island Sunshine with my Island coffee in hand and Missy and Koko strolling around the garden. The garden reminded me of St. John's Wood in England. The scents were familiar too. No taste of fall even though it was to arrive later that afternoon. So far, Autumn here is just like the past few weeks. Warm sunshine and blue skies. I think there is a day of rain coming this week but basically the weather is sunny and warm through to month's end.
How nice!

Garden Centre "Star" Topiary
Living here on the Island this past month we have learned some "stuff".
Things about one's licence and health card- both are applied for at the same government location. However, new plates and insurance go through another location entirely and never the twain shall meet.

ICBC is a new term to us. It's provincially controlled insurance.
I hear you!
What is this you say Rob?
Are you living in some kind of Russian State within our beloved Canada.
I don't think so but some things are different here.

Have I mentioned this already? It bears repeating.
Out of province licenced vehicles have to go through an inspection to receive BC plates. If you fail- or in this case your vehicle fails, you have to make the repairs to get a pass and get a BC Plate.
We failed on our first vehicle test and the result is a new Dodge Grand Caravan sitting in the drive tonight. The last thing we needed to buy right now but we were caught between a rock and a hard place. In BC Island terms- we were caught between Mount Prevost and Mount Tzouhalen!
Our Ontario insurance runs out the end of the month and repairs are costly. Locals tell us "BC" means "Bring Cash".
Could be true.
We'll keep you posted.

There is excitement in this "Gay Heart" over a new vehicle.
Why I thought my next new vehicle was going to be a scooter from Shoppers Drug Mart!

The Swissshmobile (a Pontiac Montana) was our child for 14 years and we were not without tears when we had to leave her behind at the car lot Friday evening.
We just have to work on letting inanimate objects go- like the c. 1882 Victoria Home we left behind in Orillia. However, I am convinced it is much harder for those left behind looking at the house where Rob & Tom lived for almost 25 years than for us leaving it behind.
I know this because I read your e-mails and to tell you the truth Kids- we have let that part of our past go now.
Our new Black, Metallic Beauty

So to our former van.
You served us well my Dear and kept us safe and took us wherever we wanted or needed to go.
Bye now....

One final thought about the new vehicle...
Yesterday when we were deciding what we were going to do- repair or buy new, I heard my Mum's voice in my left ear-
"Rob, she doesn't owe you guys anything..."
Thanks Mum.

The vehicle we thought we would buy in the spring just came a little sooner than 9 months. A premature babe- metallic black to boot!

Next on the agenda is Priscilla.
We have decided we can't keep her and no matter what the folks at Heidi's RV just south of Orillia say, you cannot and will not make money back selling an RV here on the Island- especially if she's a 2003.
It's just not true.
There is a depreciation factor at work and even though Priscilla has been well-cared for, she will not make any great return on our investment.
In fact, we will lose thousands.
We were led down the "garden path" by Heidi's- and not the first time.
Do your research.
I thought I had.

If you decide to move to BC and since my Hubbie Tom and I are residents now, we cannot convince you to come anymore- it's kind of an unwritten local law. You have to look into what the Island is all about for yourself. If you have a question however, we could answer that as best we can.

I can tell you that you should know-

The weather is great.
The Ocean and Mountains are beautiful.
Winters are mild.
A bakery in Ladysmith has terrific cinnamon buns.
There's less rain in the Cowichan where we are living than Victoria, Toronto or Miami.
Hawaii is less than 5 hours away- by air.
There are 3 airports on the Island with scheduled flights.
One of the gals from Sex in the City lives here.
Palm trees are grown in gardens and along roadways.
Most plants- Rhodies, Holly, Yucca's and English type plants are large and grow rapidly.
Gas is $1.29 a litre.
The landscape is green in winter and we cut the grass in January and February.
Health and vehicle licencing and insurance are different than Ontario. I am not sure about the other provinces and territories.
Wal*Mart prices are the same.
Island Time can be "ish".

A Bar Sign in Ladysmith, 20 minutes up island from Duncan
Have a great weekend and I am sure there'll be more to tell.