Thursday, July 22, 2010


After yesterday’s RobBlog on The Desiderata it would appear that I have no further need to complain or rag on about stuff.
I should be happy.
I should avoid loud-mouths that are vexations to the way I feel.
I wonder if I am a vexation to any person?
Um, let me think about that.
Yes, I am sure I am.
Oh well, deal with it.
I am proud of my station in life- and I don’t mean Swisssh Radio. I am proud and I don’t care who knows.
If you want to bitch, get your own blog!
I could go on and on.
However, today is another day and I am here to entertain you fine readers.
Here goes.
Things I have noticed:

The past few years Swisssh the Website and Swisssh Radio have helped promote Canada Day activities in Orillia. In fact the former committee even advertised with Swisssh.
Yes, they spent real money. Then, because of it’s non-profit status, I gave a bit extra. I produced some vignettes about Canada for Swisssh Radio to air on behalf of the Orillia Canada Day Committee. I made sure tons of info was posted on the website. Then, after the Happy Birthday hoopla and fireworks become a gentle memory, a thank you was usually published in the local media by the committee- read Packet. The ad recognized those who had gone the extra mile! Both years Swisssh was omitted from the list. Now, this year with a new committee in place, Swisssh wasn’t approached for any promotion whatsoever and therefore no info appeared on the radio station or website. I did notice that in the Packet “thank you ad”- published Thursday, a local business had been omitted.
However, a special notation and apology was printed.
How nice…

Things I have noticed:

There are three local events happening this weekend in Orillia. All three are featured on the website and on Swisssh Radio. None enquired as to advertising rates on Swisssh, yet all are heavily promoted in local print media. Maybe terrestrial radio too. I’m not sure. I don’t listen to “local” terrestrial broadcasts.
I am terrible.
Just terrible- aren’t I?
To be fair two of the three have offered tickets to events. At least they bettered Mariposa Folk. Nothing was offered there, even though I was bombarded with press releases for months. Someone told me I must have missed the “Media e-mail” granting tickets.
You would think someone might have reminded me.

Things I have noticed:

A female Anglican priest gave a dog and his master, a biscuit at communion.
Bad girl! Baaaad girl!
I mean the Priest.
A communion wafer to a canine?
How dare you Madam.
How dare you!
One parishioner was outraged and wrote a letter to the head honcho of the church, crying blasphemy. He even told the church that he knew that Jesus would not be amused.
How the fuck does he know?
For a “mortal man” who seemed to enjoy playing practical jokes on friends- like walking on water, turning H20 into red wine, feeding thousands with a loaf and two fishes and ascending up into the clouds, I think he would have said-
“Ahhh. Isn’t that cute? Good doggie. Jesus cares.”
Maybe Christ had a puppy as a child. I don’t know. I’ve never heard. There is some info on his life missing- the teen party years especially.
Hey, maybe this parishioner knows if Jesus liked puppies, since he seems to have a pretty good handle on “what Jesus thinks.”
Now, if I was the Priest, I would much rather the dog who ate the communion biscuit sit in one of my pews than the “vexation to the spirit” who complained…you should have read what I called him in the first draft of this Blog!
I can’t help but think that if the “priest” had of been a “manly man” and not a “gentle lady” there would have been no complaint brought forward to the head honcho. This gentle man probably gives huge sums of money to his church yearly to have a voice and make judgements- judge not, less ye be judged, not to mention reserving his place in heaven. For everyone knows that is why people give money to churches, to make it into Heaven- Level two.

Things I have Noticed:

A local environmentalist is always worried about the environment. That’s why this person is an environmentalist. Apparently, this person is even running for City Council. There could be fireworks- although I am sure they will be banned from Council as they were from Victoria Day!
Lord, help us if this person gets a seat on council.
For the past few days, the smell of hot roofing tar has been wafting through the neighbourhood. It is so strong, windows and doors have to be kept closed because of the offensive odour which permeates the house. The dogs are lethargic and are staying in the house. We have headaches. Neighbours complain to each other. This local “greener” could spit from home to the YMCA building- where the tarring is being done, yet the disgusting smell lingers from 8 in the morning and hangs around all day. What must the lungs of the workers be like after working with hot tar day in and out?
Maybe we should ask the “what Jesus would say” man.

Things I have Noticed:

A radio sales man- this is a man who works in the broadcast industry, told me that my net radio station- Swisssh, is taking listeners away from his stations which are terrestrial but also stream on the net. I also gather that he believes I am taking away advertising dollars which he could have in his pocket to pay his employees the 10 bucks an hour they so richly deserve.
Honestly, he couldn’t be more wrong. I barely make a penny off either the Website or Swisssh Radio.
I don’t have a thousand listeners either.
Then, why do I do it you ask?
I don’t know. I have no answer for you.
I don’t know what to say.
Maybe I should ask that Parishioner what Jesus would say…
Have a great day!

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