Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It’s another episode from our the two gals on Bleeker Street- Baby Jane and Blanche. Don’t judge…just enjoy.

Jane: Fer chrissakes Blanche, is that all you ever do?  

Blanche: What Jane Dear? 

Jane: Sit in that godforsaken chair and stare straight out the window?~ puff, drag~ 

Blanche: Why Jane, there’s a whole winter world of love out there. 

Jane: Oh wonderful. Now she’s quoting Engelfert Bumperdink. 

Blanche: It’s Humperdinck Jane Dear. Engelbert Humperdinck.  Arnold Dorsey really. 

Jane: Dorsey what Blanche ~puff, puff~. 

Blanche:  Arnold Dorsey. Mr. Humperdinck is just a stage name Jane Dear. 

Jane: Stage name? What the? Speaking of stage…there’s one leaving in 10 minutes… 

Blanche: I know… you wish I were on it. Jane Darling, you must look for a new schtick. 

Jane: There’s nothing wrong with the schtick I have. Course it sounds funnier when… 

Blanche: I know that one too- when you drink. Jane, you’re missing so much out there. 

Jane: ~puff, drag, puff~ Out where? 

Blanche: Out there! Outside that window. Why just look at those cute little birdies. 

Jane: The only cute birdie I wanna see is one roasting in the oven! 

Blanche: Now Jane Dear. Really. Just come over here and look at these little Darlings. 

Jane: ~puff, puff~  All they do is eat and shit. Then they eat and shit some more. 

Blanche: Jane that’s the first true thing you’ve said all day- eat and shit… just like you! 

Jane: ~ puff, drag, puff~ Oh just shut the hell up and look out your damned window. 

Blanche: With pleasure Jane Dear, with great pleasure. ~chuckle, chuckle~