Friday, January 27, 2012

ROB BLOG #371 W E E K E N D Edition

OK. Eough is enough.
It's time the Ontario Government took away the funding for Catholic Schools.

Under the name of religion and their head of state the pope, Catholic Schools have "softened" the name of Ontario Government sanctioned "Gay Straight Alliance" committees that
must appear in all Ontario High Schools. They won't use the term Gay/Straight for fear of the warth of God- or at least their pitiful pope.

Queen’s Park now requires all school boards to have “equity and inclusive education” policies and to fight bullying, including homophobia.
That's a great idea. It's just too bad it is somethng that has to be legislated. It's as simple as one, two, three actually.
Yet- we need such an organization to stop bullying and to educate students that Gay bullying- any bullying, is bad.
That is the sad story in all this muck.

So, the Catholics have watered it down.
Heavens let's not upset Jesus or Mary or the pope.
Good Lord we'll all go to "straight" Heaven in a handbasket- if there was a Heaven in the first place.
I am sure if you refer back to other blogs you'll read about my stance on Heaven, Hell, churches and their judgemental religion of loving one another.

Word from the Catholics says- Catholic schools are committed to supporting students bullied because of their sexual orientation, noting their suicide rates are higher than among
their heterosexual peers.
All the more reason to call it what it is- a Gay Straight Alliance.
Why is there such fear in the word Gay when many of that religion's priests- men, have had their way with a handsome altar boy or two.
How can this institution possibly disagree with the word Gay when single men flock to their presthood to hid their Homosexuality or worse their penchant to "diddle with boys".
It's sick.
They are all in denial.

The Catholic Chirch is one of the worst offenders and may of them are what the chuurch might refer to as "practicing homos". Their attitude is the same as many other religious organizations- Love the sinner. Hate the sin.
It should be- Love the SInner. Hate Yourself.

The Catholic Committe who have spend months dickering over the woirds Gay/Straight has issued a report stressing that issues of sexuality be presented against the backdrop of
Catholic sexual morality, which encourages chastity for all students of any orientation until marriage. That’s not a message typically associated with gay-straight alliances, noted the
committee's media coordinator for the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association — “but it’s the same hope shared by many Ontario parents.”
What bullshit.

Sweep it under the Holy Mary Mother of God Rug.
What century are these religious fanatics living in? Do they honestly think their boys and girls at their Catholic Schools aren't getting it on with one another? Guy on guy, girl on girl and
the most unnatural sex act of all- Guy on girl!

So when these committees are formed, the whole thing has to be overseen by a "committed" Catholic Staff Member. One who wears the rosary around their neck and eat sleeps and
fucks the faith. Wouldn't want the real reason behind the government forcing Gay Straight Alliances to go astray.

Stop the damn bullying of Gay kids!
Of all kids!
The message is the medium.
The medium is Homosexuality and teaching straight kids that being Gay is no different than having blue eyes versus brown eyes.

Will we ever get it right?

The Ontario Government is hoping so but they still need to make the Catholics "toe the line" or remove their funding.  If they aren't prepared to follow the law then give the funding to
Agnostic Schools- if such a school even exists.
It's time they stop hiding behind their religion.
Take the funding away from all Catholic Schools and let them melt down their gold and sell all the riches tucked away in the Vatican to
support their schools.

These are kids they're talking about here.
The kids know Gay.
They know straight.

How in the hell are the two going to come together if they can't call it what it really is?
This is like stuffing all the sexual exploits of priests getting it on with boys and men into a jar and hiding it in the cellar next to the furnace. Only now there's another mason jar stored in
the basement right next to the sexual exploits of priests and it's contents are to be safely put away out of sight out of mind.