Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am reading a book.

Nothing strange in that fact.
I am always reading but I haven’t picked up a book since early December. The holidays just seem to get in the way. I did read some short stories in a U.K. Reader’s Digest- does that count?

So, I am back to reading.
The one aspect of reading this book that is a wee bit different is the fact that I am reading online. I have the book downloaded in a pdf file on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. The book is by Christopher Hitchens and its title is:

God is Not Great- How Religion Poisons Everything.t’s free.
Just do a Google Search.

You can look it up online. Actually if you are dyed- in-the wool (or Christ’s Blood) Christian it would be a good read. You might be able to stand back from your “Faith” and “Devotion” and say- “Hey, there is something else. The universe is so vast. There are planets, black holes and stars. These are wonderful, awe-inspiring  things”.
It sure beats Moses and his burning bush.
In fact you might question why modern people are still worshiping individuals clad in cotton or wool shifts and sandals and a time when the world was thought to be a small pace- flat even. That is so yesterday. So in the past. That’s where History usually stays- in the past!

One may surmise that the Bible is the true word of God. The difficulty here of course, is that the Bible was written by mortal man- nothing Godly about it. If your faith has you believe that God put the words into man’s head- notice there are very few women receiving the direct line from God, so man could write them down then, you’re stuck with that explanation. However, your Bible Study has cast a spell upon you. Only reason can save you- not God.
As the sign says- There’s probably no God so relax and enjoy life. What the word “probably” means to you is your own personal decision. You have to learn about that and come to your own decision.

Christopher Hitchens who passed away a month ago makes some valid points. You would only argue them if you have “Religious Faith” in a God or Supreme Being- like Diana Ross! I am not going to clip any of his words here. You need to go into the book with a clear, open mind.

Goodness. I already hear some of you saying “Blasphemy”!

A God-like term to be sure.
I am also reading Gretta Vosper- With or Without God. Now Gretta is a “Progressive Christian”. She’s of the United faith. Gretta skips past the God and Jesus part to a wider understanding of faith and future. At Christmas Time, Gretta and her Congregation marvel at the story of the Nativity but there is no mention of God or Jesus from the pulpit telling sinners to do this or that. Gretta’s United Church is in Scarborough. You can Google her and peruse her Church’s website.

I would image in the United Hierarchy, they would prefer she disappear but she’s still there spreading Joy and Happiness.
How can that be wrong?
That can’t be.

She is creating a community that just desires Peace without the finger of God pointing the way or tsk tsking.
That brings me back to Mr. Hitchens. He says Religion “poisons”. I say it separates too. If it doesn’t, then why isn’t there just one church?
One Faith.
One God.
That’s simple to answer.
They just can’t get along.
All you have to do is look back at the Church of the Nativity a couple of weeks ago when the “faiths” were beating each other about the head with broomsticks!
I mean really?

Then, there are the good, old Catholics. Their Dogma tells them that they are the only “real” Church anyway. The rest of you can just kindly piss off and go with your own God- or the Devil, because we know God only listens to Catholic Prayers. Then yesterday, there’s the Pope telling his flock once again how awful it is to be Homosexual and raise a family. It’s the old Adam and Eve complex not Adam and Steve.
Such Hogwash- especially with the Catholic Church’s history. Why his priests have been “corn-holing” altar boys for centuries as many as they can get their ~ahem~ “hands on”!
Now if he announced the church was melting down their gold and selling a few paintings to build a condom factory, that would really be something worthwhile.

Those Catholics are the only true church you know. That’s why the Apostle’s Creed pledges allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t know if any churches repeat the Apostle’s Creed these days but as a kid I had to learn it and repeat it by heart both in Sunday School and at Church. No one- as far as I can remember, explained why we said the words “Holy Catholic Church”. No one really explained why we had to learn the creed.
Grab both books online free, read them and give your head a shake. How refreshing to wake up each day knowing you- and not God, are in charge of your future and your destiny.

Praise be to me and you and the Universe!