Friday, January 20, 2012

ROBBLOG #368 W E E K E N D Edition

It’s a weekend again!

Only one more weekend to go and that’s it for January two thousand and twelve!
Then we deal with February.
Short little cuss that he is… 

Everyone’s wondering will there be enough snow for the winter carnival. Will the lake water be cold enough under the ice to call it a Polar Bear Swim? 

Me, I am looking to March.
If I have dis-liked January all these decades, then I would say that I usually try to ignore February and look straight ahead to March. March can bring us some warm days and lots of melting- if there’s snow in the first place. 

Snow can really change our plans, whether it be-
Cutting the grass.
Even robbing a bank! 

The downtown TD Bank was robbed Thursday night with that blizzard out there. How inconvenient for the robber(s)- although I would bet that not too many customers were in the bank at the time what with the weather. Now, if these guys or gals- let’s be fair, ran from the scene of the crime, their footprints would be in the snow.

However, with the wind and snow they may have been covered up as quickly as they were made. Judging by police cordoning off Matchedash Street North, Peter Street North and West Street North intersections, it would appear they had an idea that the bad  bank robbing “people” were trekking north.
Probably to get to a get-away car of some sort.
We’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

They’ll get them sooner or later I’ll wager. I believe they havea picture from the bank cameras. Hope they remembered to brush their hair and put on clean underwear! 

Since Heather Thompson and myself were “live” on Swisssh Radio just after the robbery, it seemed like old times on terrestrial radio when there was breaking news.
It was exciting and happening in the moment.
Of course we won’t be able to follow up too soon because we are not on the air with The Morning Show at Night until next Thursday- January 27th, at 7PM Eastern. 

One day maybe Swisssh Radio will be “live” all day and night. Maybe I’ll have a storefront studio downtown with an interesting little bookshop, coffee shop, dessert and sandwhich bar all in the same storefront location. 

People could come for a coffee and a treat. They could rummage through books- all for sale. They could browse a newspaper- always free and they could see Swisssh Radio in full operation. Bringing Internet Radio and good coffee to the people.
It sounds like a dream. 

It probably is just that- unless we win that 20 million.