Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here comes another "Dis and Dat". Don't say I didn't warn you!
Read on MacDuff!

1. Some news reports referred to David Furnish as Elton John’s Man. So, it appears that any man’s mate- even if it’s another man and especially if it’s a woman, is slighted simply by not using the “mate’s” name.

2. Who the hell told Lana Del Ray she could sing. It was very uncomfortable watching her on Saturday Night Live last week. I cringed. I almost cried it hurt that much.

3. Many times throughout the day Starlite Radio is beating Swisssh Radio with total number of listeners tuned. Go figure.
No breaks. No commercials. No personality- just the music- “Soft & Brite”.
Go figure.

4. There were reports of  “icequakes” along Lake Couchiching’s shoreline last weekend when it was minus 29 degrees. All that ice and cold and nowhere to go but “crack” and “quake”.

5. A man caught in a blizzard burned his money to stay warm until his rescue. Hell, I can burn money too and I don’t even have to leave the house when a blizzard’s howling outside. It’s called “online” shopping.

6. Wanna go on a cruise? Anyone? Any takers?
Come on now there are lots of boats safely floating in the world’s waters every day. Of course if one you’re cruising on slips on its side there may not be enough available lifeboats.
People may panic.
There could be fights over life preservers.
Stuff like that but again- anybody wanna take a cruise? 

7. Less than two weeks and January is History. Who can’t deal with the Month of February?
It’s so puny and small.

8. Mild, then freezing. Then, mild. A bit of snow.  A flash freeze then back to plus 6 again. What the fuck is this? Global Warming or El Nina. It sure has made January a bit of a coaster ride and really not seem like January at all. 

9. I have made a new year’s resolution that I haven’t told a soul about. It’s not something I have had to do anything about- yet, however, the time will come soon. 

10. I picked up a package of bologna- yes bologna, the other day. There’s nothing like a few slices of bologna on a couple of slices of fresh Tuscan Bread. Anyway, I looked on the package and saw that it was almost 48 percent fat!
Then, I picked up a package of sliced chicken breast. No Fat. No Trans Fat.
So I bought the chicken. Then, I looked for a package of Havarti Cheese. There was 40 some percent fat in just 1 ½ thin slices. I bought it but I only had a ¼ of a slice on two crackers that had less than 4% fat.
It’s hard to eat healthy!