Thursday, February 2, 2012

ROBBLOG #374 W E E K E N D Edition

Today Wiarton Willie says spring is a few weeks away.

Our friends at “We’re In The Hayfield Now” sent us their 2012 Daylily Brochure and it arrived today.

Yesterday at Both Zellers and Canadian Tire brightly-coloured chair cushions were on display along with gazebos, watering cans and seeds. 

It’s all downhill from here folks and it hasn’t even been a long uphill trip this winter to begin with. Heck, I was still riding my bike in January for pete’s sake!
If this is global warming- I’m impressed.
Very impressed.
I’m liking it.
A lot.
I do feel bad for the polar bears who are having difficulty finding ice to stretch out during short, sunny, arctic days but I think they’ll evolve.
At least I hope they will. 

For me an early spring after a wimpy winter is a win-win.
I know we’ll save on Natural Gas consumption.
The electric heather in the bedroom was turned down a notch this winter compared with others. 

I really do miss the warmth of summer.

I hate the cold and snow and believe me I have tried to love it but as an example, I can’t find anything good about a Carnival being held smack-dab in the middle of February.
People bundle up to walk around with freezing toes.
They jump into ice-cold water a la Polar Bears.
Kids zip around and around on the Midway’s Scrambler Ride adding to the wind chill that’s already in the air. 

What’s to miss?
What’s not to dislike about winter?

The head honcho of the Winter Carnival actually told Heather Thompson and I during our “Morning Show at Night” heard “live” on Swisssh Radio Thursday Night’s at 7PM, that he prefers July too.
(Yes, that was shameless self-promotion)
The difference is he puts up with winter.
He plays in it and with it.
He embraces it.
I hate it.
I wish it would disappear. 

I have to spend money to get away from it.
I have to leave.
Whatever it takes.

In fact in a couple of years I hope my entire winter will be in a warm, southerly or westerly place.
I am dreaming of that winter.
I am dreaming of my place in the sun. 

So when Willie says spring is nigh.
I smile. 

When the Daylily Brochure for 2012 arrives I feel warm all over. 

I even close my eyes and squeeze the chair cushions piled high on department store shelves. I feel sun on my face and a warm wind at my back. 
C’mon heat! 
I can’t wait to once again slip into my original Tori Richard Hawaiian Shirt
and saunter down the street. 



Robbie’s waiting for you.