Sunday, February 12, 2012


Just some stuff going on that I have been reading or observing. 

Charles Dickens turns 200 this month. He doesn’t look a day over 150! Mr. Dickens rests in Westminster Abbey. I wonder if he knew how popular A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities would be today. 

Temperatures are moderating in Europe. Why the tulips and Daffodils will be blooming in no time and all that cold will be forgotten. 

Here at home, now that the Winter Carnival is over, can we please start dreaming of springtime? 

A new Movie is coming our way from England. It’s called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. There are some heavyweights in this film including Dame Judy Dench, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Dame Maggie Smith and more. The film is opening in the UK now. We should see it hit Canadian Shores in May. Do a Google search. The trailers are quite funny. A group of British retirees check into this hotel and things are not what they expected. Sounds very funny. These are the kinds of films we need. There’s just too much killing, explosions, vampires and zombies up there on the silver screen these days. We have to enjoy little bits of brilliance like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. They are few and far between. 

Over the weekend, I was researching cities that are far removed from Orillia, Ontario.
Right now, there are many interesting places around the world listening to Swisssh Radio.
Swisssh is one of 4 Editor’s Picks on the Windows Media Player.
People in many exotic countries and cities are listening such as in Calcutta, India; St. Petersburg, Russia; three cities in Saudi Arabia including Riyadh, Cairo, Egypt; Telford, UK; Malaysia, Saigon, Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City);New Zealand, Tel Aviv, Israel; France, Istanbul, Turkey; Naples, Italy; and the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

One of the places I researched online was Hurghada, Egypt. Hurghada is a Red Sea Resort. Rather than me tell you all about its 40km of well-known hotels and pristine breaches, do a search yourself. You’ll be amazed. Many ex-pat Britons and Germans live there. 

Another country I found fascinating was Malaysia. A melting pot of cultures but websites told me that English is spoken almost everywhere. The country is mainly Muslim. There are local rules about showing “skin” and pointing but it seems quite nice. In fact, I was reading a British Magazine recently and inside was a two page advertisement for Malaysian Medical care that is advertised as being fast, efficient and prompt.
Who knew? 

Whitney Houston died. Wonder if it was drugs?
What is it with stars?
They have it all. Fame, money, opportunity and they still screw it up.

Marilyn Monroe would have been in her 80’s if she were alive today.
Still one of the saddest Hollywood stories of all.
I find it hard to feel sorry for stars that bring about their own downfall and ultimate demise. There are thousands of people who love to have what they have. Some of us are just suited to handle it better than others, I guess. 

Final stuff.
Say if someone hires you because you are good at doing something, shouldn’t that someone just let you do the something you are so good at and just show pleasure and gratification with the result? I mean, I don’t get in there when the plumber’s installing my new shower or when Eduardo at Midas is installing my new Muffler. I trust that they know their job. They do their job and they get it done.
I mean- Geesh! 

Have a good one.
Be happy and enjoy just doing some stuff!