Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday I was handling hot underwear- it had just come out of the dryer, when I had an epiphany. 

I was lucky, I thought.
Very lucky. 

I smiled as this warmth of discovery flushed over me. I may have been flushed from the dryer heat but just the same, I felt warm all over.
I pulled another pair of undies from the dryer.
"Look what I have"- I mumbled to myself. 

Why I may only have 20 good years left- that according to a neighbour’s timeline once one hits 60 years of age, but they will be good ones. Age is certainly on my mind these days. It especially stands out when I read that Actor Ben Gazzara passed a few days ago at 81 years of age.
I still remember him from the 60’s and 70’s.
How did he get to be 80 plus?
It happens to us all. 

I reach for a pile of socks inside the dryer, throw them on top of the washer and begin to match them up. There are many situations that bewilder and upset me at this stage of life.
Among those things?

My family.
I have given up on that. After all I only have 20 good years left. Not enough time to understand that mess. We’ve been talking about packing up and moving- far, far away. Time will tell. 

Religion- the faith that is the poison of the masses, separating friends and family.
God Bless Atheism. 

Conservative politics and a man who is changing the face of our country with a majority that really isn’t a majority since 60% of us voted for another party. 

Then there’s winter, of course. I can’t change that but I can look at photographs and dream of a Hawaiian wind gently caressing my face. 

It’s a good thing that “good” things outweigh the not so good things.

I have a roof over my head- that’s all paid for, with food in the fridge. Well, most days anyway. It’s a pain shopping for something to eat- especially if I’m going through a stretch of time when Tom’s away and it’s just me and the kids. What to eat is always the question of the day. 

I am able to travel here and there. That’s good. There were even a few days when I removed myself from our mild winter back in January to Southern California. In the past year I have been to New York, Paris- twice, Mainz, Germany and Newport Beach California. In a few weeks I’ll add Paris for the third time within a year!
It’s just as wonderful as it sounds.
Be jealous! 

I have a small circle- it’s getting smaller all the time, of friends I am grateful for these days. I don’t have a best friend really, just a few friends that pop into and out of my life. Today I have know many of these “friends” for many years. They have staying power, whereas there always seems to be a handful that comes in and out on one’s life every year or two. It’s a revolving door. I keep it well-oiled. 

A newer friend told me the other day that Tom and I just can’t move, since she had just met us a couple of years ago.
What would she do without us?
Manage, I suppose.
That’s what we all do from day to day- manage.
Just try to keep a smile on our face and enjoy the various minutes of every day.

It’s a good thing to have a few bucks in one’s pocket.
That’s always nice.
I’m not rich, I just have a buck or two or three to buy a coffee, a 10 dollar tee shirt at Wal*Mart or a couple of light bulbs at the dollar store if the mood strikes me.

Having Tom in my life for 27 years is better than a good thing. It’s my whole life.
The pets that share our home are all good things.
Loving things. 

Then, there’s all the stuff. The house, the clocks, the nutcrackers, the Santa Claus collection and more. All nice to have around but just stuff. 

So the next time you’re pulling hot underwear from the dryer take a moment to marvel at all the good things in your life.

Like Scarlett O’Hara there’s not a heck of a lot of time to “think about it tomorrow.”