Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ROBBLOG #703 A Light-Hearted Romp of Sorts

Today, a light-hearted romp through the Evergreen Forest.
Roger and Ashley Wrabbit opened their front door at the base of the old oak tree, letting yellow streams of early spring sunshine shower their front door vestibule.
"How glorious!"- cried Ashley.
"Yes indeed. Glorious!"- answered Roger, "What a day to go to the clearing and have a picnic.
"A capital idea!"- says Ashley, "I'll tell the children straight away!"
"Oh do that Ash. Tell them now."
Roger turned back to look at the view
Her stepped outside allowing the sun's warm rays to dance on his handsome wrabbit face. He rubbed his cheeks with his furry paws.
"This is Heaven. Absolute Heaven. I must say that. I must."
Roger- if you didn't pick up on it already was a real faggy, little wrabbit.
He stood still in the warmth and listened to the sound of the Evergreen Forest. Mr. and Mrs. Robin were singing from high atop a Sicamous tree. Freddy Frog was croaking his favourite tune " ribit, ribit" at the edge of Dappledown Pond. Crickets chirped. The wind blew across the grass with a gentle rushing sound and he could hear Mr. Green's cows mooing in the distance.
It was like a Broadway show.
"Here they are!"
Ashley appeared in the doorway with Ricky, Robin and Rhoda right behind him.
"Look Papa, we have our picnic basket ready and we've all pulled on our new spring vests with the brass buttons!" Rhoda was so happy she could hardly contain her little bunny self!
"Very sharp looking indeed!"- says Roger, "But how did you all pack the picnic basket so quickly?"
Ashley, Rocky, Robin and Rhoda laughed.
"We prepared it last night Father!"- yelling in unison.
"We knew today was going to be a brilliant day and we just knew you'd suggest picnicing to Daddy Ashley."
They all giggled slapping their wrabbit thighs several times.
"Yes my Dear"- says Ashley, "We did rather pre-plan the picnic in the same way we pre-planned our funerals last week! Such fun!"
"Indeed. Such fun." Roger's smile was as broad as the blades of grass growing alongside the cedar rail fence that circled Farmer Green's property. Everyone knew it was fine to look through the fence toward Mr. Greens cows and garden but it was never all right to crawl under the fence to explore.
No sir.
"C'mon everyone. Let's go!!" Ashley's voice was happy and very excited.
They all bounded away once Roger locked the front door to their warren at the base of the big, old oak tree where the English Ivy trailed up, over and around the transom above the door.
What a site!
A site indeed!
Five wrascily wrabbits scurrying along the well-used path towards Hollow Glen. That's what everyone in those parts called the open, grassy patch near the old log which was part of a maple tree  felled by a horrific summer storm several years before. It was always a good place to duck inside for cover when a sudden summer shower came upon the clearing catching everyone by surprise.
Off the fivesome ran towards Hollow Glen, the spring sunshine feeling warmer by the minute.
The young wrabbits squealed and screamed and shook with laughter.
Maybe they would scream all day long- if they had a mind to.
Once arriving at Hollow Glenn, Roger spread out a pretty quilt he had stitched over the winter months on the fresh, green grass. Ash opened the picnic basket and set about laying plates, cutlery and napkins- and best of all- the food, on top of the brightly covered quilt!
As Roger and Ash set about readying the picnic, Rocky, Robin and Rhoda played nearby.
They were full of glee.
However, our story takes a slightly darker tone here.
As well as the younger wrabbits being full of glee, they were soon to be full of much more.
Specifically- lead.
For unbeknownst to Roger and Ash and the youngsters- Ricky, Robin and Rhoda, Mr. Green- the farmer behind the cedar rail fence, had spotted the happy little group while on their way to Hollow Glenn and ran inside his barn to collect his rifle. He trotted over to Hollow Glenn stepping lightly as he quietly crouched behind the hollow maple log.
He took out the whole family in a flurry of gunshots.
I don't have to tell you but you can be sure that there was bright, red blood and bunny fur- everywhere.
Now isn't that a horrific ending to what started out as a lovely, early spring day?
Such a shame.
Thanks for reading along and "Have a Good Day!".
I start therapy next week.