Friday, February 16, 2018

ROBBLOG #699 Bare Arms- Gag!

WTF is going on in this world?

Former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown gets vocal about CTV news and not in a good way.
CTV say's Browns accusations concerning the reporting of his sexual escapades are "groundless".

The group "Hedley" is being accused of improper behaviour with younger fans a few years back and radio stations have pulled their music and the Juno's have pulled them from the TV Awards show.
Please note: Swisssh Radio has not pulled Hedley from the playlist.

Sexual accusations aside, for something completely different, let's zero in on bare flesh.

Former PM Kim Campbell has gone apeshift over female newscasters baring arms!
NO! I don't mean guns.
I mean their own, womanly arms. Their bare, freeking arms!
I think I am with you on this one Kimster.

Who really wants to see a lady read the news with bare arms anyway? Now, I am not saying I completely understand what Former PM Kim Campbell said about bare arms and female news hosts. You see, I don't know what the word she used to describe her disgust actually means. I do have to say I am not sure why lady newsreaders would want to flaunt bare arms- unless they were told to do so in this "manly" world of ours to keep their jobs. I think that's how it worked in Don Draper's world in that TV show about straight men in the 1950's.
Some things never change.

Let's be fair, if attention is drawn to lady newscasters going bare-skinned how long will it be before men want to try it?
Large, flabby biceps featuring tuffs of old man hair on the triceps.
A farmer's tan under studio lights!
I honestly cannot think of one male newsperson in this country I would appreciate seeing bare-armed- can you? Maybe George Mark Paul Stroumboulopoulos but then he is not a newscaster. Not really.
Stop flapping...
Present Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn goes bare-armed in interviews. Although, she should stop.
Now, Kate, this comes from a Gay Man- a former Ontarian, who only has your best interests at heart.
Cover up.
I mean it. Draw the shades.
Does Andrea go about showing off her ample, fleshy arms?
No. Indeed she does not.
I checked her Facebook page and nothing there but scarves and sensible blazers.
Now Katy, I am not saying you have full, fleshy arms- you do not. They are just scrawny little sticks that hang limply by your sides at times.
Athletic and healthy as they may be Dear, it's still a no.

Look, I have to be honest I, mention Ontario Politicians here because I really don't know about
BC Politicians- not yet. Former BC Premier Christy Clark seems to wear blazers and a sari or two for the most part. I did find a few photos of her bare arms in the middle of a blazing British Columbia summer but that gal has an excuse-
She rocks a pair of heels!
Now, there is Green Leader Andrew Weaver. He's half of a collation government with the NDP here in BC. Politicians in this province do make strange bedfellows.
I hope they use protection so there are no future little "coalitions" running around the Island.
I haven't seen a photo of Andrew in heels.
Just as well.

Back in Ontario, I have heard that Patrick Brown fills out a Speedo  swimsuit nicely but that comes from a friend who works in a national television newsroom and you can't take that for gospel.
It's is just TV news after all.

When I watch the ladies on CTV's The Social, they are sometimes bare-limbed. Now, I don't see talk show host Harry Connick Jr make the same fashion statement. I have never seen former
PM Brian Mulroney's son Ben in a tank top.
If it happened more of the former and not the latter thank you.

Now, I have left the best for last but there is an unfair advantage.
We've seen him in shorts, a tank top and trunks. Running shirtless, sitting shirtless. Speaking shirtless and just generally being bare chested.
Of course, I am talking about our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Again...unfair advantage but if the shoes or tank top- or Speedo bathing costume for that matter, fits-
wear it dammit!