Tuesday, February 6, 2018

ROBBLOG #696 Just When You Thought...

Just when I thought I had already seen the most beautiful part of the Cowichan Valley- The Pacific Ocean, I gazed upon something new here on this wondrous Island.

First of all, the Mister and I took a tour along the Pacific ocean from Maple Bay to Genoa Bay. We wanted to see where the float plane terminal was located.
Salt Spring Island too our left was so close you could see the hydro wires and antenna on the hillsides. We haven't been to Salt Spring yet but we will take our bikes on the short ferry ride from Crofton to Ganges this summer.

As we drove along the sea shore, we looked for signage for an airport.
We soon found it.
Gate H- standing for "Harbour Air", was at the end of a series of docks that any harbour or port might have for docking boats but because of the float plane's wingspan, the dock or gate H was at the far end of the series of docks.

There was a small white building standing there. A sliding glass door locked down with a huge bolt lock- almost larger than the building itself!! The little building had a blue letter "H" on a post in front of it.
Inside the small white, clapboard building was the check-in counter for Harbour Air as well as Salt Spring Air. Nearby and behind where we stood looking into the "terminal building" was the waiting room- a wooden Bench, outdoors under a wooden gazebo roof.
Quaint and cute all at the same time. Float Planes rides are priced anywhere from $89 to $129 or more depending on the time of day you wish to fly to Canada Place on Vancouver's Ocean front. The trip takes 20 minutes. A bit longer if your flight makes one one stop on Salt Spring Island on the way to the mainland.

We continued along the road to Genoa Bay. Countless Island folk have told us we must go to Genoa Bay to eat at the sea shanty called- Genoa Bay Café.
We pulled into the lot.
If  Joan Crawford and Rock Hudson had of been standing on the patio, I would have swore it was 1951 and we were in the middle of an old black and white movie.
We didn't stop to eat.
Another time for that. This was a fact-finding mission. Just a pleasant afternoon drive in 15 degree Celsius sunshine. Once there at the Café, we had to return along the same road because it ended at Genoa Bay- just a cliff and ocean beyond.

We drove back towards Maple Bay. On the way in we saw an entrance to properties that said "Kingsview" and wanted to drive up that particular road that appeared to stretch from Maple Bay Road to the top of Mount Tzouhalem.
It did.

Here is where we were gobsmacked.
The houses were beautiful.
Some huge. Some not so huge.
All were taken care off and the landscaping...
Palms and leafy Arbutus Trees.
Yuccas, Rhody's, Laurel, Sequoias and more.

Mount Prevost and Mount Sicker- with snow
We soon came to an area where some new homes were being constructed. Stopping the van alongside the road we climbed over a small, grass-covered knoll.
The view ahead of us was simply amazing.
Blue, blue sky. A few fluffy clouds with mountains in the distance- including Mount Sicker and Mount Prevost. We could see snow on the upper reaches of the mountains.

Down below us Lake Quamichan sparkled in the February sunshine.
Evergreen Trees and rows of Arbutus added to the green landscape.
Holy Cow this is February in Canada?
I've said it before and I'll say it again- "Who knew??"

Arbutus Trees to the right of middle and Sequoias
We continued along a roadway that swept upwards past more gorgeous homes and signs that said "Mount Tzhouhalem Parking Ahead". It reminded us of being in LA and driving up into the Hollywood Hills or on Oahu in Hawaii driving along the south and west coast on the way to the North Shore.
It was absolutely stunning. Spectacular homes and mountain views.
We could imagine having morning breakfast and coffee on a glass-enclosed lanai that offered a splendid view of everything below and all this when I thought I had seen every "beautiful" view there was to see here in the Cowichan Valley.
Wow! Simply Wow!

I said to The Mister- "Would you give up our new house in Stonewood Village for a house here on Mount Tzhouhalem?"

He said "Yes"- but Husband- let's win the lottery first!