Friday, February 23, 2018

ROBBLOG #702- Dubious Content and Other Things

Today, another ROBBLOG with um...dubious content. No one ever comments on these kinds of blogs I write. Not to worry. I know you are with me in spirit...

Things that I think just appear to be wrong...

Back in "Old Home" Ontario and specifically Simcoe North, Patrick Brown is running for PC leader after it was suggested he sexually harassed two young ladies several years ago and after he had to step down as opposition leader only few weeks ago. Let's not even mention how he manages to own an almost 3 million dollar home on the shores of Lake Simcoe.

Still...over 1/2 of Ontarians in a recent poll would vote PC.

America's NRA are kinda saying that journalists love mass shooting for TV ratings. I said that 2 blogs back! America will never change its love affair with killing- not just by guns. It's a part of many of the people of that country for whatever reason. It just is and Hollywood perpetuates that ideal with films that highlight killing and death. How many of these kind of deaths has Canada had in this country in the past 10 years?
About 30 according to the Internet.
That is 30 too many.

The roll call continues...
Now, we hear that Brendan Fraser was "accosted" 15 years ago by someone that brings the Golden Globe Awards to the small screen. I like Brenden Fraser but I have to admit here and now one of the reasons I like to watch him is his body- especially his loin-cloth wearing body in George of the Jungle.
I am shallow.
Is that shallow?
I mean, I think he's a very decent actor.
Case in point The Mummy Movies as well as his part of the straight guy being taken advantage of by the old, Gay white guy in "Gods and Monsters".
Brendan is just another victim in a long list of victims.
He is pretty or was pretty. He's 49 today and well...none of us are as pretty at 49 as we were at 30 something. It doesn't mean, however, that someone can touch him- hands on his ass, without consent. I read his story in GQ- March 2018 issue. You can find it online.
Sordid stuff and apparently one of the reasons Brendan had disappeared from screens big and small up until recently. He was that upset with the groping.

Brendan in Gods and Monsters
A similar story concerns Terry Crews. A large, musclebound actor from the TV Show Brooklyn 99 who could have very easily punched his harasser's lights out but didn't for fear of being charged with assault. Maybe a gentle- "Keep your fucking hands of my boys!" would have sufficed.
It worked for me years ago.
These days not many men want to place their hands on any of my manly bits so I don't have to say that as much as I once did. Actually, I'm not sure if I ever took offence or even had to say it in the first place.
Huh...The 80's. Go figure.
Colour me Blonde...and forgetful. (no offence to blondes of the world)

More things that appear wrong...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family in Indian casual wear during their official visit and Mrs. T with a red dot on her forehead.
I think not.
Ask any Gay guy Justin and they would have told you and saved you from embarrassment. It's not like you haven't met a bunch in country-wide Pride Parades.


Television series that display female breasts within the first few minutes of a show. Those poor, poor actresses that have to go onscreen topless just to pay the bills.

Television shows that hardly ever display "man pecs".

"He's right you know Lucy"
"Ya..I know Ethel!"

The Dog Meat Festival in South Korea where our Canadian athletes are winning medals at the Olympics. The world is full of badness and sadness but shame on South Korea. Did you know that some dogs are dipped "live" into boiling oil to remove their fur before they are butchered?

Dogs caged to be sold and eaten in South Korea
Billy Graham's death. I can't believe that God didn't make him wait a few years more. WTF is God
going to do with Mr. Graham in Heaven for eternity besides continuously telling him to shut the feck up!


Catholics and born-againers standing on a busy street corner- like I saw in Victoria today, brandishing placards with photos of dead fetuses on them. People, people, people...I am sure there are organisations that could use your volunteer help in a myriad of ways besides standing on a corner with disturbing photos. Hey! Maybe each of them could take some of those babies into their respective homes and raise them.
They seem to have the time.

Last one...I promise:

Me standing on a corner holding a placard in one hand- with a huge, full colour photo of a penis on it- and a placard in my other hand saying- "I HAVE a Penis"!