Sunday, February 18, 2018

ROBBLOG #700 Am I Mad?

Am I Mad?

I must be mad!
700 blogs and I am still writing?
This could be a book. In fact a couple of years ago I had planned to put a selection of blogs into a book called "Banana Oil" and self-publish. You may remember the term "Banana Oil" comes from my Dad. He used to say it when there was something he thought to be ridiculous or crazy, so rather than say that's stupid or crazy or that does not compute, he'd simply say- "Banana Oil!"

I miss him.

Another typical day in America last week, I see.
More innocents slaughtered.
Americans- sane or insane, loving their right to bear arms- or so they believe.
More blinders on.
Little outcry.
More sweeping wrongs under the "red" carpet. They wouldn't have to look far to see a country that sets a good example or at least a better one. Of course, most Americans don't even know we exist. They probably think it's the "norm" to have tragedies like this so they can unfurl their Stars and Stripes and build another memorial to the dead.
It's good business too.
For America.

Kids that survived this latest masacre are speaking out. Television networks are placing them front and centre- for ratings no doubt, with their vocal vows to change "'America".
Ain't gonna happen kids.
If there was change afoot, it would have started with school massacres years ago. The "right" in America is always "right" and now they are in control of their Senate and the NRA and gun manufacturers are loving it. Can Mr. Cheeseface even say the word gun?
I don't believe he can.

The "right" in the US never considers guns being a bad thing.
"I have a gun to protect my family"- they cry. "It is my"'American" right and priviledge.
Unfurl the flag.
Hand on heart.
Sing the anthem.
American IS beautiful- or so they proclaim.

Amercians always hope it's someone else's child, or brother or sister.
Killings like this are a blip on the radarscope of American life and these latest murders will be old news next week. Don't kid yourself fellow Canadians, a watered down version of right-wing, American values could happen here in our wonderful Canada.
Case in point Andrew Scheer in Alberta or Doug Ford in Ontario.
I don't believe we'll ever take guns to the streets or local schools or concerts like down south but still some asshole, somewhere in Canada is thinking "good job" but it ends there.
With a thought.

Yes, Americans are wired differently but the saddest difference of all is when an expat Canadian speaks out as an American.
On Twitter I follow Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) and kd Lang. I imagine Mr. McCormack holds an American passport. Ms Lang maybe just lives the good life in LAH. It's interesting to see their tweets and re-tweets.
They have changed.
In America they are "American". Oh they act all Canadian when they are on this side of the border but when they are feeding an "American" audience, you'd hardly recognize them.
Even they have fallen into that American "bombastic" style of citizenship or landed immigrant status.
What do the Yankees call it- " A Green Card".

A week ago when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in California, there was a meet and greet of sorts after his talk in San Francisco I believe. I saw photos of former Canadians- like Seth Rogen.
He was all smiles, wearing his Canada name tag badge proudly on his left chest. Smiling for the cameras next to someone of little importance.
Ahhh. Being Canadian in America.
Does it get any better?

All this stuff that goes on there just south of us or in our case to the east and south of us. It was one of the main reasons The Mister and I in our retirement opted for Vancouver Island British Columbia and not a winter home in Florida.
It's just too crazy down there at times- and we wouldn't have felt safe.
I mean one day you could drive to the local market to pick up some oranges and some A-hole hiding in the cereal section with an AK whatever starts to kill innocent shoppers.
It could happen.

Here in BC we are surrounded by temperate beauty and still fly our Canadian Red Maple Leaf flag on the front of our house.
We know the politics.
The people.
Our neighbours.
Our politicians are fluffy entertainment.
Here we have the feeling of being Canadian.
We don't have to pretend we're someone else living in an insane land for the almighty American buck or gun.

O Canada.
Our Home and Native Land.
Yah. I'll just stay here....thanks very much.

Note: The direction this Blog took today was not the direction I had planned on taking or the topic that I had planned to write about. I don't particularly like sharing these thoughts but I have. So there.
Writing eh...I must be mad!