Wednesday, October 31, 2012


On a Grey Bleeker Street Day with Baby Jane and Blanche
Jane: Looking out the living room winda- Miserable, rainy ~puff~ puff~  dull *#^% days!
Blanche: Now, Jane Dear. What is all this belly-aching I hear?
Jane: Look outside Blanche. How in the hell is a body supposed to live through this sh**ty stuff. ~puff ~ drag~ puff~ Why even my ciggies are sodden.
Blanche: with a smirk- Maybe it’s Mother Nature telling you it’s time to quit your nasty habit.
Jane: Well, ya wanna know what I think?
Blanche: Not really…
Jane: I think ~puff, puff~ Mother Nature should just butt the F*** out! That’s what I think.
Blanche: My, my Jane Dear, you have quite the way with the King’s English.
Jane: King? She’s a broad if she’s a day. I’be seen her! ~puff~
Blanche: Oh, it’s just an expression Jane. I could just as easily have said ‘English Language’.
Jane: Always trying to beat me into the ground with all that book-learning- ain’t ya Blanche…
Blanche: Nonsense Jane. I am simply saying…
Jane: ~puff, puff~ You’re simply saying that I am beneath you. Lower than the rubber on them there wheels on that there chair.
Blanche: Jane Dear, why would you think that I would ever consider you to be such a lowly creature? Why if I wasn’t in this chair, I’d come right over there and shake you good and hard. Knock some sense into that pretty…ummm….that noggin of yours.
Jane: But ya are Blanche. You see? But. You. Are. No amount of book-learning or Jeopardy watching is gonna change that! ~puff, drag, puff~
Jane exits the living room heading for the kitchen- chuckling all the way…