Monday, October 8, 2012


So Kids, it’s that time of the year again…
SNOW is in the air. They had a nice little bit in Winnipeg and southeastern Manitoba. NO, not the Manitoba that Toronto’s Mayor believes is located in Southern Ontario, I am speaking of the real Winnipeg that is located in the real Province of Manitoba.
I suppose first snowfalls can be exciting- or not. Since a few thousand Manitobans were without power during the storm, I wouldn’t expect that they were too excited. Then, just to add fuel to the fire or a snowflake to the pile, online newspapers have to take pictures of the snow and publish them.
Snow on walkways. Snow on car tires. Snow falling as bicyclists manoeuvre slippery streets. Snow falling on an older lady’s hat-covered head as she uses a crosswalk. Birds in snow. Snow on a pink umbrella carried by a harried housewife crossing a parking lot with bags full of groceries.
Why do we need to see these images? To remind us of the white stuff. To remind us it is inevitable that snow will fall…some day. Sometime.
Snow can wreak havoc with drivers and can make it dangerous for pedestrians on sidewalks but it can be picturesque too. Clinging to spruce trees. Lining the top of a fence. Gently resting on a Muskoka chair or two on the patio. We’ve all seen it often enough- unless you live in Victoria B.C or on one of the gulf islands. Personally, I prefer to look at snow in photographs. It’s warmer and infinitely more comfortable. You don’t have to pull on mittens and boots to experience the beauty of snow. You could even view the photos in front of an open refrigerator door for a minute of two to get the feel of the chill in the air.
Snow does mean Christmas- doesn’t it? It’s a tough ride for Santa without it. It’s a rough landing on the roofs of houses when he lands the sleigh and eight prancing reindeer on rooftops that are bare of the white stuff. Now that I think of it, maybe tiny wheels plop down from the underside of his sleigh’s runners when he’s in tropical locations, so he’s probably had that figured out for a few hundred years at least. Small wheels on the runners would provide a smooth landing. Of course Mr. Claus may have installed quiet thrusters that place him gently on neighbourhood rooftops that remain barren of flakes.
Snow also means jackasses get out their snow machines when there’s barely a centimetre of the stuff on the ground, chewing up grass and flowerbeds- not to mention the rip-roaring noise of un-tuned engines.
I hate that about snow.
Snow machines churning up pretty snow-covered landscapes in area parks. Raring up side streets and roaring along trails meant for walkers and cross country skiers.
Now here in Central Ontario we haven’t seen snow-yet. Last year there was a noticeable absence of the stuff. I happily rode my bike in the months of December, January and February because the trail was clear of the stuff. The January/February rides mean earmuffs, a hat and warm socks but it was different being out there on my bike in the dead of winter.
Snow tires anyone?
Not for me and not yet.
I like to hear the word “snow” in the weather forecast a few times and bide my time. Eventually, they get installed. Usually on a warm sunny day in November when our friends at Midas are standing around the garage twiddling their thumbs, looking for business.
No fuss. No muss.
The lineups on early snow days are atrocious.
Enjoy the lack of snow here folks.
Look at the pictures of Manitoba’s weather woes- or Calgary and Edmonton’s if you care to look further west. Right now, that’s how I prefer to ease myself into the season of white…and slush, ice, dirty snowbanks and slippery hills and…