Monday, October 22, 2012


Ya gotta love people.
A young girl attends a Hallowe’en party.
She was dressed as a skunk. The party was being held outdoors.
It must have been a very convincing costume because her Uncle who was inside the house, looks outside, sees what he believes is a skunk and shoots her.
She was rushed to hospital.
Then, there’s the lady who lives in North Dakota- that’s scary on its own, who called a radio talk show to complain about “Deer Crossing” signs. Now, we’ve all seen these signs warning of deer crossing the highway in our area of Ontario. In fact, a few years back a stag rammed into my Ford Aerostar. I was on my way back from a show rehearsal at 10 o’clock at night. It was quite the experience and cost about 3000 dollars to repair.
This talk show caller whose vehicle- she claimed, had been hit by a deer several times, was asking why these “Deer Crossing” signs were place in the busiest sections of the highway. Couldn’t they be placed in areas with less traffic where the deer could cross in a safe manner? The talk show host just about bust a gut.
Just Google “please remove the deer crossing signs” and you can hear the actual call on You Tube.
The second time through the call, I thought maybe it was a ruse. I thought at one point the caller was trying very hard not to laugh. On the other hand it is America and some of those folks lack enough oxygen to function. It was good for a chuckle and the You Tube recording of the call has had over 6 million hits!
A 76 year old man was sharing a house with another man. The “other” man changed the locks. Obviously he didn’t want the 76 year old sharing the house with him any longer. So, when the 76 year old man realizes his key won’t work in any of the locks anymore, he gets a chain saw and cuts his way into the house and attacks the house mate. Luckily a tee shirt the lock-changing man was wearing clogged the teeth of the chain saw and he wasn’t harmed.
Sounds like the Texas Chain Saw Massacre- only without the blood and gore.
This just in- eating sugar makes us stupid. A survey has found that the more sugar we consume the less likely we are to be able to learn and grasp the meaning of life. Those large soft drinks at fast food places are partially to blame as well as all the junk food that lines the shelves of our supermarkets. The lesson here is get smarter by decreasing sugar intake.
Seems simple enough but if one is stupid already from eating sugar, how will one be smart enough to realize one needs to stop.
Have a good one!