Thursday, October 25, 2012


Good Gawd. I get so tired of bitchy, whiny people. Don’t you? Sometimes I would like to set them adrift in a lifeboat with Tallulah Bankhead. If only Tallu was still alive. She’d tell them in no uncertain terms “Darling, shut the “front door” up!” 

I especially have great difficulty in dealing with some people who try their best at being nice-especially to your face and then let loose with all hell’s fury when you’re not around. 

Then, there are those that “masquerade” as something more than they could ever hope to be. Please. Do yourself a “favour of the month”. Get real. 

How about those “people” who do their damnedest to ignore you. To what end? 

I hate comparisons too. Oh you’re doing the same kind of thing that she’s doing. That looks to be the very same style of thing that he’s attempting. They’re already doing that- aren’t they? So, you’re starting that too? It’s something like what they’re doing, is it not?
Just shut up! Shut up! Shut up! 

I suppose in a sense we all can be guilty of any or all of the above from time to time. I’m not the guy who is “without sin” and willing to cast the first stone but I try to be all inclusive-like a Hawaiian Resort. I try to treat people in a fair and gracious manner. It doesn’t always work. There are always those people who deserve to be tied to a large, heavy stone and cast into Lake Couchiching. 

Listen we all do our best in this world. We all deserve to champion any cause or conquer any hill we choose. This is the “true north strong and free”-isn’t it? Well isn’t it? 

I know that sounds silly. This is a free country. We all enjoy our freedoms even though some of us try to push the buttons a bit. Fie on cult churches and the “flock” that follow who refuse to think for themselves and need to be told what to think and do.

Working together, giving positive feedback and letting the next person live in a way that is safe and suitable for him or her and climb whatever mountain he or she chooses is just so… so “human”- so “Canadian”. 

Here’s a final thought. All of this is comparable to living in “NeverNeverland” with Peter. Just never say never in NeverNeverland. Most of us will continue to talk about people and not always in the most flattering of terms. Ideas, thoughts, comparisons and “he said/she said” will continue to be heard. 

Listen, I barely know what the deeper meaning is to this entire Blog, so don’t natter on about “words” at this time. Stay with me for a few lines longer. I seem to have an insatiable need to make someone walk the plank or at least set someone adrift with a backpack full of bologna sandwiches and Celine Dion CD’s. 

Therefore, I state that even things in “NeverNeverland” can never be that perfect what with all those pirates, Captain Hook and a ravenous crocodile running about. 

So be good to one another.  

Don’t talk out loud in your sleep and if you must make a comment about somebody or something to someone, quietly write it down on a little note and pass it to that person when nobody is looking. Just like you once did in school.
I hear what you are saying about “note-sending”. Yes, by all means you can text message as well. Just tone down the bitchiness and the speaking in false tongues.  

You’ll like yourself a lot more the next time you gaze at yourself in a mirror.